Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Eve

I have a present or twenty to wrap still tonight, so I shall be brief.
Just wanted to share with our faraway family some pictures from Christmas Eve.

It has, of course, been a busy week. Among the regular Christmas hustle and bustle, I made my visiting father in law install a new ceiling fan, watched Derek break a fall with his lip (didn't pan out so well), gained a new roll around the middle because Boppa likes to eat out (and maybe because I don't like to cook), and I tried to wrap a few gifts at a time in the evenings to avoid the up-all-night-on-Christmas-Eve scenario (yet to be determined if I was successful).
But today was a mostly lazy day around the house. 

The kids and I baked and decorated cookies for Santa.

They turned out better than my pancakes, thank you for your concern.

Alex looks a little devilish here.

Probably because she was about to dump an entire bottle of red sprinkles over one cookie.

Later we headed to the Christmas Eve service at church, where I was reminded how grateful I am for Sunday School classes during regular services.
The are distracting little boogers.

Poor Derek didn't really have a Christmas outfit per se, so I just threw some things together from his closet.
Not sure he could quite pull it off.

Much like I was unable to pull off a decent picture of the two of them together. Low lighting and two wired up kids made it a little tricky.

Once we got home, they were allowed to open one gift, traditionally a new pair of jammies to wear for the opening of gifts in the morning.

I tried again for a picture, but they were busy impersonating the monsters on Derek's new pj's.

Is it weird that my 5 year old still loves footie jammies? Cause she does.

And that was our Christmas Eve.

Just for fun, I went back and read the post I wrote last Christmas. Josh was in Korea, the kids and I were in Michigan, and I was busy chronicling Pat the Bunny's Gone with the Wind ornaments and just generally poking fun at her.
It was a good Christmas, but I'm so thankful that this year our little family is all together.
I hope you all have a Christmas that is Merry & Bright!

So thankful God's most precious gift to humanity, in the form of a tiny infant boy.


Heather and Scott said...

So glad your family is together this year too! And my 7 year old and 4 year old got footie jammies too. They still love them too :)

Christina said...

Is it weird that I love footie pajamas? Um, maybe so.
Those pictures are so great!
Hope your Christmas was wonderful...what gorgeous snow!

Taylor said...

I am glad your family is together, too. I remember the Gone with the Wind post! Funny!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Don't worry about the footie jammies my 7 & 11 year old still love them. In fact, my 7 year old was disappointed her Christmas jammies were not footies. :)

Anonymous said...

Mine wore feetie jammies until at least 5th grade and I'm thinking she maybe wore them in 6th.

Happy New Year!!

Connie F-G