Friday, December 10, 2010

1 minute post

I have been totally neglecting my blogligations this week. I have no time to blog now, so I shall keep it under a minute.

Here are the things I would blog about if I had time:

We fed Derek pizza. On purpose. And he didn't die.
Alex had parent watch-day at dance class yesterday. It was an experience.
Tonight Josh and I are going to the squadron Christmas party. It is an Ugly Sweater party.
Pictures will be forthcoming.
My house is a disaster of epic proportions. Laundry, laundry everywhere.
Also everywhere-- dust and dirt.
I have to iron Josh's pants for the party tonight.
I haven't ironed since 2002.
I used a creamy lotion under my nose because it was raw from blowing it a lot from my recent cold.
It made me break out.
I look like I have a Hilter-esque zit mustache, also known as a "zitstache."
I bought some concealer, and am hoping for the best, because as I mentioned, party tonight.
If you see me tonight, and I need to reapply the concealer, just say "Heil Zitler" and I'll get the hint.
I have to go now.


melicity said...

LOLOLOL!!!! Omg! I took a break from baking a zillion and one Christmas cookies and read your post. This was so worth the break! Have fun at your party tonight. :)

Joyce said...

Oh I love an ugly sweater party. My girls are both going to one of those tomorrow and the pics are always hilarious. Last year my daughter wore a sweater that lit up. She later saw a lady wearing the sweater in Target...different strokes for different folks.

Yay for surviving pizza!

Erin said...

Pizza! That's so exciting! There may be a future for you without reading ALL the labels :)

Too bad it wasn't an ugly denim dress party. See, you should be a homeschool Mama. You were made for it :)

And why did I see acid washed jeans in the store today? When did that come back?

Christina said...

Erin, you have no idea, but I really needed a laugh. Thank you. I really hope your party is fun!

Taylor said...

Zitler! ha!