Sunday, January 30, 2011

A good weekend.

We had a nice, restful weekend 'round these parts.

A Festivus Miracle took place!
After complaining here about the kids' conspiracy to prevent us from napping, they both fell asleep on Saturday afternoon and our whole family enjoyed a lovely nap!
And they slept in until 8am on both Saturday and Sunday!
I might have to complain about a lot more things in my blog posts and see if I get equally lucky in return.

In addition to our sleeping, we did quite a bit of Wii dancing.

Enjoy this photo of the children--

But please ignore:
1) The blanket, shoes, toys, cords, computer, and books on the floor
2) The multiple cups and bowls hanging out on the end table
3) The aminals that are on the couch (They like to watch Derek dance)
4) The tree that sprouts from the back of my couch. (I never noticed how odd that looks until I saw this picture)
5) Derek's mismatched socks, and that his pants appear to be tucked into his undies

The boy's hair is in a bit of a disheveled phase.

Josh has got me on a very short leash as to how much further I can push the "growing out" time period.
He keeps threatening to get his hair cut while I'm away.

And is it just me, or do I sense a trend in the pictures I take of Alex these days?

The sass just comes shining through, doesn't it?

In other news, today was beautiful! I sat outside on the back porch reading while the kids ran around the yard. No jackets needed. I even slipped my socks and shoes off and pulled my pant legs up so I could feel the warmth of the sun on my bare legs.
Then Josh walked out onto the porch and said "Erin, you know I love you and think you are beautiful. But those are the whitest legs I have ever seen."

Beware fellow cruisers.
Make sure you bring sunglasses rated for UVA/UVB and EWL protection. (EWL: Erin's White Legs)
They're blinding.

Josh wasn't feeling well today so we laid low. I'm in my last-ditch efforts to remain healthy despite many colds going around these parts.
I really don't want to be stuffed up and have my tastebuds rendered useless on the cruise.
The eating is half the fun after all.
Possibly even three-quarters of the fun.

ps The talk about Derek's hair reminds me of when he had his mohawk. He was such a squooshy sweet baby back then!

And it is past my bedtime, so I bid you goodnight, and hope you have a lovely Monday.


Christina said...

You need one of those face masks that doctors wear to protect you from all the germs that may interfere with your health before departing for your cruise!

Dana said...

I love all of their stripey leggings!

Me and Mr. Wright said...

Your kids are just so dang cute- it almost makes me want to start having spawns of my own.....ALMOST.

:) Have fun on your cruise!

Erin said...

Oh pleeeeeeaase. Your "messy" house looks clean compared to mine. 2 kids vs 4 kids. I win ;)

Taylor said...

I am so excited for you and your whitey legs! I want to go on a cruise!