Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Five

1) Derek has woken up 3-4 times a night for the last three nights.

Fact: He is not an infant, so this is discouraging.

However, he does have an ear infection.
I took him to the doctor on Wednesday and was given some drops for his ears. Two days later, he's still on Motrin and Tylenol around the clock with bursts of sobbing about his ear in between.
So we went back this morning.
And got some oral antibiotics.
And I'm hoping that does the trick, because I would love to sleep all night.

2) Proof of Floppians. And that her hair has some static electricity issues.

Alex has been begging for a haircut, so we have an appointment tomorrow. She wants her hair to be just like Snow White's, but I don't think I'm ready for that big of a change.
Besides, she looks so cute in her ballet clothes with a bun on top. And since she's not exactly...um...talented in the dancing aspect of ballet, she should at least look the part, no?

Also, is there any non-dancing aspect of ballet?

3) This dang chocolate Santa has been sitting on my counter for two and a half weeks.

It belongs to my husband. It's a Christmas tradition that the kids in his family get chocolate Santas from a particular Michigan chocolate-making place.
Chocolate factory?
I don't know.
The only thing I do know is that I spell chocolate wrong every time I type it, and I'm glad that the little red spell-check line keeps me from looking a fool.

(Chocolate spelled wrong, Chocolate spelled wrong, Looking like a fool with your chocolate spelled wrong.)

Sorry. It just wont die.

Anywho. Josh left the house about an hour ago for his first trip of the year.
Good news-- he's breaking me in slowing with just a short jaunt into another hemisphere.
From the time he takes off out of Raleigh (commercial flight) until he lands at his final destination will be 22 hours.
That sounds like pure misery to me.
And he left wearing shorts. (Current temperature outside: 39 degrees)
That's all the information I can divulge on the interweb.

But I simply cannot tolerate that chocolate Santa staring at me any longer. It's totally unfair that he has self control and will power and must be saving his stupid Santa for a special occasion.
And so I assure you that it will not be here upon his return.
Because I am a loving mother and enjoy giving my children good gifts, because I ate my chocolate Santa the day it was given to me, because I finished off that tub of icing yesterday and I have to wear a swimsuit in 3 weeks, and because her brother is allergic to chocolate, I will bequeath Joshua B. Schore's Chocolate Santa to one Alexandra Kate Schore.

And I will relish doing it.
*evil cackle*

That will certainly teach him the consequences of self control.

4) Tonight I have big plans for a girls' night.

Me and my best girl will be snuggling up on the couch to watch The Sound of Music together. We will be pushing the envelope. She may even stay up until eight forty-five!
You are all welcome to join us.
Just bring your own chocolate Santa.

5) I'm hungry now.
So I'm going to go and eat.


Laura said...

She looks so grown up in that last picture!! Love the video too. :)

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Alex is such a cutie! She did a great job singing the NT books...even Floppians. My kids love The Sound of Music...we watch it often at our house and I'm quite surprised that parts of it hold their attention, but they watch the entire thing. Have a great girls' night!

Joyce said...

My hubs left on a 14 hour flight this morning. I wish I lived nearby because sadly I have no chocolate Santa to break into and Sound of Music is my favorite movie.

Have a fun girls night...fyi-there is the odd natural in a dance class comprised of 6 year olds but for the most part they are mostly just cute to watch and not brimming with talent. : )

Taylor said...

Climb every mountain! Ford every stream! Follow every rainbow!

Anonymous said...

How do you say no to chocolate?

Jen mcd