Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Money

Well, not really.
But if you regularly make purchases at Amazon.com, it's kind of like free money.

This website below is like a knock-off Groupon, called Living Social, and today's offer is for a $20 Amazon gift card for $10.
So I bought one.

If you decide to buy one, consider using the link below, because if three people buy one through my link, I get my gift card for free.
I like free.


But if you're upset with me for blogging about my nipple and threatening to behead my children when I'm on the phone and don't want to use my link, I understand.
I'd probably feel the same way.

In other news...

This just in...

Breaking now...

Live from the Maple'hood...

Alex has her first loose tooth!


But it's a big deal for me!
 Josh, if you're out there somewhere in the blogosphere, our baby is growing up!
Get back here fast and put a stop to it!!


Anonymous said...

wanted to let you know that it was your Mom that misspelled your middle name.
Love you best

Heather and Scott said...

Loose teeth! Yuck! What are your plans for when it falls out? How much money will she get?? Will you play tooth fairy?? So many questions to ponder before the tooth ACTUALLY falls out!

Anonymous said...

Big girl! Did she lose it in an accident? No way is she old enough to start losing teeth!

Because were friends, I will share with you...... I too know of the laptop nipple dangers and it's no joke!

Miss ya'll - Jen mcd

Anonymous said...

Bought one! Thanks for the tip. BTW, Travis convinced the kids that there is a tooth elephant that sneaks in and wiggles it's trunk under your pillow for the tooth. Terrifying, no?
Miss ya,

The Main Family said...

Sahweet... thank you for the link.

Grab the pliers and get 'er done!

P.S. avoid the early fairy excitement and pay low for the first one.

Jennifer said...

No way! Shoot... Now I really need to go and make those tooth fairy pillows that I've been meaning to make before my almost 6 year old gets her first loose tooth!!

Taylor said...

I have no idea what this nipple business is all about and I am pretty sure I read all your posts.
May I again remind you that your DAD is reading. See? He left a comment. First one. Awkward.

I purchased the deal through your linky-loo because I love you with an everlasting love. And I mean that in a total noncreepy Interfriendship sort of way.

Josh! Your baby is growing up! Get home!

The Henry Crew! said...

Sweet! Got the gift card, and then shamelessly posted the same thing to my FB page... because I, too, like free! And I have items in my Amazon queue that desperately need to be purchased... not really... ok, well kinda...


Elaine said...

oh and about the middle name...
i didn't learn how to spell Nicole until like 4th grade LOL. Guess I was pretty stupid. I always left off the e. I think there were too many E's in my name. There used to be 5. Just weird for one vowel....