Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whining, weekend, and wee-school.


I felt like I should blog, but I'm not feeling particularly witty today.

We are getting closer to sending Josh off. I know I've been saying this for a while. The date that we once thought was a good guess was about a week earlier than the date we currently have.
Which I cannot share on the interworld.

This is probably why I've lost my funny. Don't worry, I will get it back. It's just that the time right before he leaves is the hardest part. Once it gets started, I do much better.

Well, a little better.

Most days.

When my children are well behaved and nothing breaks down or falls apart.

(Including me.)

The piles of "stuff" in my bedroom have moved into packing boxes, and we'll probably ship them after the long weekend. This is actually helpful, as I no longer have to trip over his gun holster or shower rod as I get in and out of bed.

(Don't ask me about the shower rod-- he has some idea of using it to divide his cell room to get some privacy. I've seen pictures of the rooms. I used to think that nothing could be smaller than my freshman year dorm room.

I was mistaken.)

(Also, don't ask me about the gun holster. I'm counting on him doing his war-fighting from the sky.)

Josh has a  four-day weekend starting tonight, which is great, but there is definitely a shadow looming. There is a lot of pressure to enjoy every moment we have have left, and that kind of sucks the fun out of it.
I don't work well under pressure.
Then again, I also don't like to get work done in advance.

This means I am really not fit to do any kind of work.
That's okay by me. I've got a sugar-daddy.

The squadron that the Chiefs will be relieving is our old squadron from Idaho. So lots of my Facebook friends are getting excited about having their husbands back. It's kind of bittersweet for me. I am happy for them, because 6 months is just a darn long time to be away from someone you love. But on the other hand, mine has to get over there before theirs can come home.

Let's move on, shall we?

The weather has been so nice the past couple of days. It's starting to cool off at night which makes for very pleasant evenings and mornings.
Today we played out at the park with friends for several hours. Then on the way home I pulled into a church that was having a blood drive. It's been a while since I last donated, and it wasn't busy.
The kids found it all to be very interesting, but I'm pretty sure watching the proceedings has scared them off from ever wanting to donate blood.

Have you ever really looked at the size of the needle? It's the girth of a juice box straw.
I think they might get more volunteers if they let you choose your own size. Of course, that means you might have to extend your stay...

Our fall activities are starting up next week. Even though we'll be headed to Michigan for an extended visit this winter, I wanted to try to give the kids some kind of routine in the meantime and after we return home. So added to ballet/tap for Alex will be Awanas for both kids, and a preschool program for Derek.
His is only two mornings a week, and it's very short.

Mama doesn't like to be away from her tiny infant baby toddler, you know.

But this is a perfect fit, because it's such a short time that they don't serve snacks. With his food allergies, snack time has long frightened me about sending him off to school.

And I know this is going to be confusing, so I'm going to try to explain it real slow-like:

His school is on a bus.

He is not driving to school on a bus.

I am driving him to a bus, on which he will have school.

No, the bus will not drive around while he is schooling.

Yes, the bus has a potty.

No, the bus does not have any seats in it.

It is a "mobile classroom" that meets at different locations throughout the town. It parks at the community college, and other public schools in town.

I know it sounds strange, but it actually has a good reputation for being a quality program. Derek's teacher taught public school kindergarten last year, so she's very knowledgeable about the things that will help prepare them for that.

Oh, and did I mention that it's free?
Even better.

What else??
Oh, I do have a little amusing story to share that involves my daughter figuring out how babies make their exit from the uterus. But this one needs its own post, and probably a PG-13 rating for those of you out there who get uncomfortable around anatomy terms. So we'll save that for a post coming soon.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Sandy said...

you mean the magic school bus really exists? cool!

try not to be too sad...we'll keep you company! i just made it worse didn't I?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Wee Wings Preschool Bus.....an awesome program!! Relax. I bet Derek loves his 'school' bus!

Praying you will have a lovely family weekend. I can only imagine your sadness anticipating Josh going away. It must be some comfort having other wives to bond with......

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.....

Anna from NC

Erin said...

I had that same dorm room. Luckily I't easy to live with so my roommate left after 1st semester. It was quite nice with just one in there!

Christina said...

You have NOT lost your funny. Between "I don't work well under pressure.
Then again, I also don't like to get work done in advance.

This means I am really not fit to do any kind of work. " and ending with a teaser about your daughter's thoughts on giving birth and a Happy Labor Day...I think you are wonderful as always.
I'm sorry the parting is getting nearer. I'll pray for you guys all that time you're apart, and until you are back together again!

Joyce said...

The school bus classroom sounds like an interesting idea.

Thinking of you!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I've never heard of a "bus school" but it sounds adorable. And I hope you manage to enjoy the time you have left!