Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 6

Today was a stay-in-jammies, lounge around kind of day. Other than getting school done for Alex, we didn't have anything on our agenda.

I love days like this, but around 5pm it starts to backfire.
Everyone gets a little stir-crazy, the whining intensifies, and the need to get out becomes obvious.

Since I had a feeling that would be the case, I'd made plans to walk to the park with friends in the evening and burn off some energy.

But sometimes the effort of getting out of the house becomes more work than it's worth.

We all needed to get dressed (remember? Jammies!), but since I still haven't gone through the kids' closets, I found myself pulling things out of drawers left and right and having an especially hard time finding pants for Derek.
(I know I have some bigger sizes stored away-- I should probably make that a priority this week.)
I finally got him in some clothes and realize that last years' tennis shoes were cramping his toes. So we changed the shoes and were finally ready to walk out the door.

But first I had to call my friend to let her know we were ready.

I couldn't find the phone.

No problem, I just hit the "page" button to find it.
Well as it would happen, the children were both standing near the headset when the phone started beeping.
And it is also true that my children have a healthy fear of beeping noises-- they assume any beeping is a smoke detector indicating they are about to be consumed with fire.

So the phone beeped right near them and they freaked out. So much so that Derek peed in the pants it just took me 15 minutes to find.

So we started over again. And finally made it outside, albeit in pants that were much too short.

Apparently he hadn't gotten it all out in his pants.

 Can I just say this might be my favorite part about having a boy? Much less complicated.
And he has the cutest tushie as well.

I know Josh wants pictures of me, but since I hadn't showered or taken any other measures to make myself presentable-- this is the best I can do.

See me on the left? I'm waving.

And Derek wanted to tell Daddy all his Cubbies verses. So, you're welcome for that Josh. ;)
He got a little camera shy and needed some help...

Sorry Day 6 post is a little lame, but just think, if I hadn't scared my kid so much that he wet himself, I wouldn't have had anything to post about.

See? Glass half full!


melicity said...

It is 10:02 and I just finished writing lesson plans for 3 of my eight subjects. I needed a laugh and you delivered. I thank you.


Sandy said...

Maybe someone should explain the concept of "water hose" to Derek...the cuteness of the video made up for it though =o)

Taylor said...

New England Clam Chowder

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but the whole "wet the pants" part sure made for good reading.

Anonymous said...

That Derek is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Of course, Alex is some cuteness, too......I just betcha that Josh loves these posts of his precious family.......(I know I do!)

Anna from NC