Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 4

I got an e-mail from Josh around 3:30pm today asking where his Day 4 post was.

Dude. At 3:30, we're still making Day 4 happen.

In his defense, he is dealing with a time change.
He is still en route to his final destination, which starts with an A and sounds like a sneeze.
His jet broke and he had to spend an extra couple days here:

Life's tough, eh?

I believe it's up and running again, so he'll soon be sending pictures from a sandier location.

Back to Day 4.
When I looked out the window this morning, I noticed our mailbox was laying on the ground.


Driving Alex to dance class, I saw that mine was not the only one. 
It would appear that there have been punks in the 'hood.

Don't worry, I took some tools out there and showed them punks that they can't keep me from getting my junk mail and bills.


Maybe I should have left it on the ground...


Early this morning, the last of the Chiefs flew out. My friend Amy's husband was among them. So we made plans to stay busy to keep her mind off it and to make the day special for her kiddos.

We started with Happy Meals for lunch, in which the kids got to pick whatever they wanted to drink. Do we live on edge or what?
Derek wanted orange soda. Alex has a more refined palate, and requested sweet tea.

Before I had kids, I never pictured myself as being the mom who would let her 4 and 6 year olds stuff their faces full of french fries and wash them down with sugary caffeinated drinks.

Old me was wrong.
There is a time for everything, is there not?

(And in my book, it's always time for french fries.)

After lunch we headed to the "train park" again for another ride with our friends.

(Derek's putting the moves on Emily in the backseat.)

And another round of this.

Sorry, Dads. The kids love you and miss you, but when there are happy meals, trains, and cotton candy involved, missing you gets pushed to the background.
And that's kind of the point.


And after. Here is 'ol Bluebeard himself.

Arrrgh, Matey.


So have you ever been picking up after your kids and had your hands so full that you just stuck your son's fireman's hat on your head so you could carry a few more things?

Me either.
Just asking.

But this was taken to please my husband who left this comment on my last post--

More pictures of you!


 Until the kids figure out how to take pictures, you might be stuck with me in a mirror with headgear.



Me and Mr. Wright said...

Um, not to take away from your hubs being gone, but is it seriously cool enough for long sleeve shirts and jackets?? It's 92 degrees here in Barksvegas. I'm jealous, for sure.

I'm Erin. said...

We're in the middle of a random cold front. It will be back in the mid to upper 80's in a couple days.
But it definitely made it feel like fall was in the air! :)

Maranda said...

starts with an A and sounds like a sneeze. heh heh. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics from Josh.....and as always, great pics of your kiddos and of you.

Yep, fun times can help the little ones forgot Dad is gone (for awhile anyway) but, I am sure it is ALWAYS in the forefront - is that even a word????? - of your mind.

Love your posts!! You are FUNNY!!!

Thoughts and prayers.....anna from NC

Joyce said...

Oh the things moms said we'd never do that we do anyway.

I'm impressed you fixed the mailbox. Ours is set in concrete that goes a bajillion feet into the ground. It took "The Mailbox Man" an entire day to put our new mailbox in.

Glad you're finding some fun-the cotton candy face is too cute!