Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well we had a fun filled long weekend here at the ranch-style house, and I hope you did as well!

There was lots of game-playing, couch snuggling, dinner & game night with friends, movie watching, gluttony and debauchery. 

Minus the debauchery.

We took an outing to the bowling alley, which is a favorite activity for the shorter members of our family.
Here we are on the way. 

Someone likes to be difficult. She shall remain nameless. 

I like this guy. I'm gonna miss him.

Look, I was there too! I would have smiled but I'm not good at multitasking.

We went to the alley on base, so I will take you on the scenic tour since I had my camera out and evidently was a little bored.

This is the new Spitfire model they put up in front of the club. 

The children have to point it out every time we drive past it. 

Which is often. 
And that's not annoying at all.

Good news! Looks like they are forming a group just for me!

But if I started going to that group, then I wouldn't need to whine and moan to you all.
So I think I'll pass. 

I'm always thinking of you.

This is the point in our drive where Derek will say: "Wook, it's Daddy's Stwike Egow!"  (Translation: Strike Eagle.)

But nothing gets bigger cheers than this:

We were eating lunch at the bowling alley as well, which almost blew the top off of their fun meter.

These comments were made:
We get our own drink?
And our own food?

So I guess that they've noticed that I usually make them share a meal and a cup. 

Hello? It's cheaper that way.

I guess we were splurging this weekend. 
We like to live large every once in a while. 

Then we laced up our stylish shoes and hit the lanes. 

Fun fact: You do not have to be good at bowling to have a good time. 


As we were leaving, Derek said it was the funnest day ever. 
Not to be confused with the previous night when we went for ice cream at Cold Stone and he proclaimed that to be the funnest day ever. 

(Despite the fact that he can't eat ice cream and all he got was some Oreos we brought from home.)

As it turns out, the day after we went bowling we let him have a piece of gum in the afternoon and he then declared that to be the funnest day ever. 

What can I say? The boy is easy to please. 

Tonight the kids have Awanas, which means date night for me and my main squeeze!

 I'm thinking sushi...
Or Mexican...
Or skipping dinner and going right for dessert...

I love to contemplate the finer things in life. 


Taylor said...

No. you make ME sausage .

I am a terrible bowler .

This was the funnest post ever .

Mish said...

I never noticed how great your eyebrows were! Lookin good, my friend!

Sandy said...

super cute shoes...on you and alex...not so much on josh =o)