Thursday, September 8, 2011


So we went with Thai last night.

I know you were up all night wondering what we decided on for date night, right?

To be honest, date night was kind of a bust.
At this point there is no use pretending that we have anything to talk about other than Josh leaving. It was our last Wednesday date night for a long, long time. 

And my hot date got too much spice in his pad thai and became a sweaty and drippy date.

But he was still good-looking.

The kids had fun at their first night of Awanas. Derek loved graduating from Puggles to Cubbies.

Mostly because now he is in Emily's class and those two have decided that they are going to get married.

Here they are on a fancy date.

The only problem is that Emily has celiac disease and can't eat any wheat.
Derek can't eat eggs, milk, or peanuts.

So basically if they got married they would have to stick with just slabs of meat for dinner.
I guess they have a few years to work out the details.

Today was little man's first day of school! He loved the bus and did not hesitate to jump right on.

We meet the bus at the community college, so Alex and I wandered a bit until we found a corner spot in the cafeteria to have some school time. His class is only an hour and a half long, so it's not really worth it to leave and come back, and I'm sure Alex appreciates the change of scenery.
We were able to get a lot done without all the interruptions we have at home.

Namely Derek.

Here's the little troublemaker with one of his teachers.

He had a great time, and it probably would have been the "funnest day ever" if I hadn't rushed him right off to get his 4-year immunizations.

Oh well, can't win 'em all.


Christina said...

Date night with hubby...he's drippy and sweaty...sure it was the pad thai. Seriously, though, I hope you all have some really wonderful moments before he heads out. Thinking of you guys.

Sandy said...

you are such a buzz kill erin =o)

Taylor said...

Want me to come and have Wednesday Night Date with you?

Alert: I am a pilot, nor am I good at math.

Joyce said...

Hope you squeeze in a few more bits of wonderful before he heads out...thinking of you!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Been thinking about you lately. Enjoy your time together before Josh leaves. I am jealous that you two even have a regular date night. I wonder what that would be like...hmmmm...
Preschool on the bus looks like fun. We have the mobile library that comes to our preschool and the kids love getting on that library bus!

Christina said...

Is Taylor a pilot or not? Her wording is trickly. Or tricky. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Today, on 9/11, praying for your family and all other military families.

Anna from NC