Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 9

Day 9 is almost gone, so I'm going to post quickly and get into bed.

This morning got off to a great start when we were able to Skype with Daddy first thing after getting out of bed.

This was the first time we've been able to connect since he's been in country, so it was a bit of a relief just to know that we can get a good enough internet connection to make it happen. He has to Skype from work for now, because the other place with internet is too slow. There's not much for privacy as other guys are in and out of the room, but I'll take it!

(And no, Derek didn't sleep in his Cubbies vest, he had to try it on for Daddy.)

Josh, if the whole fighter-pilot thing isn't working out anymore, you'd look really hot behind the drive-thru window!

But you probably couldn't wear your holster anymore.

Then Derek had preschool, Alex had college, and this evening I had a spouses' coffee.

Remember? No coffee. Light dinner, chatting, and squadron business.
My friend shared her sitter with me, and it was a nice break from being with the littles 24-7.

I actually dried my hair today, so I thought that was deserving of a photo.
(You know, like with a hair dryer and not just the 97% humidity air.)

My apologies for the weird smirk. It's hard to smile naturally when you're taking your own picture in the mirror.
And I think I've figured out why none of the pics I take in the mirror are very clear.

Good news-- a little Windex should solve the problem.

Sleepy mama, short post.
Happy Thursday!


Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

you're supposed to blow dry your hair? with a hair dryer? huh, who knew? (apparently not me since this head hasn't seen a hair dryer in years! ponytails are our friends =o)

Taylor said...

From that picture, I do believe you are flirting with me!