Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 5

Today Alex and I were doing some school.

Yes, school on a Sunday.

Because let's face it, there is not much of a distinction in our world right now between weekday and weekend.
A strange phenomenon occurs when Josh is away in which I kind of dread the weekend. Without the weekday routine, the hours are sometimes very long.
Folks are busy with family stuff, and my facebook friends take forever to play their turn in Words with Friends.

Don't they know I'm just sitting there, clicking to see who's played?
The nerve of them!

Enter, school.
Today Alex's creative writing assignment was to recreate the old nursery rhyme One, Two, Buckle my Shoe. She was to leave the numbers in place and make up a new rhyme for each line.
She loves doing this kind of stuff, so she was all about it.

Here's what we ended up with:

Fun, cute, yadda yadda.
I really had to do some quick talking to get her to let go of her first idea for the "five, six" line.

She wanted Five, Six, have some dicks.
Or maybe she was envisioning dix?

 Either way, I have to admit that my adult-conversation-deprived self laughed a little.

Then, after lunch, I had the opportunity to act like an adolescent again.
While my little monkeys were eating, they were having a conversation about what Derek's toy monkey had done. They made up a story about how naughty it was being, and made some plans to punish said monkey after lunch.
When they were finished eating, Alex ran off to do something in her room.

Derek, with a pouty face and hands on his hips, yelled across the house: "Awex! I thought we were going to spank my monkey!"

Hee hee.

If you don't get why that's funny, then you are a better person than I am.
And I applaud you.

And now I'm off to do about a thousand sit ups or something to counteract the fact that friends have been giving me thoughtful care packages.

Which have contained these:


Brenda said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh dear. :)

Maranda said...

Oh bless... that's hilarious!

Joyce said...

I love WWF ( the word game, not the wrestling nonsense). I'm at jodaley if you want to play.

Jennifer said...

Oh my word Erin... You kill me!!!!

Taylor said...

Erin, I like you and this is my comment for days 4 and 5. Yay for Josh commenting and wanting pics! So sweet. I think you should try to blog daily and always include of a pic of you and your cute self. Enjoy the Oreos.

Sunny said...

Love it! Adolescent humor is the best!!! I am jealous of your Oreo stash. I am not allowing myself to buy them right now. Losing baby weight is no bueno for my taste buds.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I get it. And now I'm ashamed of myself.

No, not really.

Halloween Oreos???? Your friends LOVE you!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post today!! Nothing wrong with your Oreo obsession...except that I bought some at the store for the first time in months and am addicted. again.

Nicole said...

Wow. Poor poor Alex and Derek one day when they read that post. Too hiliarous!! Hey, I play Words w/ Friends on my phone app...I'll find you on faceback and figure out how to play w/ you :)