Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 119

I have no blog for today.
Because I have been studying Spanish, and playing Words with Friends, and giving baths, and teaching first grade, and having Taco Tuesday at Dad & Cindy's, and looking at rental houses in California, and contemplating life.

But I was looking through some old posts for a picture, and I came across this blog entry from many moons ago.

And I quite enjoyed it.

How humble of me, to enjoy my own post, no?

But I thought Josh would like to revisit it, and maybe you would too. It's all about the life and times of our firstborn.

That is all.


Brenda said...

Oh man the attitude on her face in that santa suit is awesome!!!

Taylor said...

Ok, that Santa picture needs to be in some sort of contest.


I'm Erin. said...

I love the Santa picture, it was on our Christmas card that year ;) she was so roly- poly :)