Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mr. October

A couple of days ago, my mom and I took the kids and headed to a nearby mall.

 These are the aforementioned kids:

They're kind of cute, but they are very, very LOUD.
I don't know why they are so loud.
Maybe I need to have their hearing checked.
Or maybe I need to wear earplugs during the day.

Back to the shopping.

My mom needed a calendar so we went into a store in the mall that was advertising 75% off calendars.
Since I don't need one more thing to load into my van for the ride home, I was just meandering around the store waiting for her to make her purchase.
They had a few calendars with jets on them, so I picked one up to see if I could find an F-15 to show the kids.
I grabbed this one:

And flipped it over.

I immediately noticed the picture in the bottom corner. I'd seen that picture before. (And so have you)

 It was the same picture that we have on canvas print at our house. Josh was flying the photographer in his backseat when he took the picture, but we hadn't heard that it was going to be used in a calendar.

I would imagine that I might never again wander around a store and find my husband kind-of in a calendar, so I had to buy it.

But only because it was 75% off   ;)
A bargain at $3.74.

I shall now be calling my main man, Mr. October.

Which makes me, Mrs. October.

So I'm kind of like a calendar girl now.
That's my smooth calendar girl ride behind me.

I exude coolness, no?

Also, when you haven't worked out in several months, have been doing quite a bit of eating, don a horizontal striped top, and let someone take a picture of you, it kind of reminds you that it's time to get your rear in gear.
After all, I do have Mr. October to welcome home in 12 weeks or so.

I do believe it's time to begin the spring slim-down.
If anyone out there knows a way to drop some pounds without exertion or giving up carbs and sweets, kindly let me know.
If not, I will be forced to sweat and I might even have to give up ice cream.

This could get ugly.


Joyce said...

Ha-so funny! I got a Wii fit for Christmas and its a really fun workout. I entertained my daughter while she was home...she watched and apparently I'm a bit awkward. But hey, I'm working out so that counts for something!

Taylor said...

You are a cute calendar girl, with magic boots to boot!
Pun quite intended.

Erin said...

I'm doing a 400 calorie one right now. 3 meals 400 calories each. They gave me the first 2 weeks with menu all planned out (and by they I mean the nice book I bought at Costco). No worries, once you get to your weight goal you get 4 400 calorie meals. And some meals are grilled cheese & chocolate chip cookies or an egg mcmuffin and some coffee thing I'll have to substitute. Anyway, I'm not sure if ice cream is in there, but you could make it your 4th meal when the time comes! To lose weight you have to lose the calories.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you found that picture in the calendar!! I know that was a sweet surprise.

Blah! Losing weight is no fun. I am sure Josh will thankful to be with you no matter how you think you look. But, I thought you looked really cute in your picture. And, of course those kiddos are adorable.

Anna from NC

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

The flu?

I'm eating vegan this week and have dropped a couple of pounds - mostly because everything I can eat I don't want to.