Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 125

We have passed the 4-month point in this deployment.

4-ish months is the longest Josh and I have ever been separated in the past, so this is new territory. Josh is still doing great in Afghanistan. He's missing us lots, but, and I quote:  "I've still got the gym, my electric blanket, mustache and gun, so overall it's pretty good."

Dang mustache.

Things are going well for the kids and I here in Michigan as well. I thought I would be way past ready to be home by now. But our family has been so generous and accommodating for all these weeks. We've totally taken over Mom and Mark's house, fridge, and pantry and they just overlook our mess and keep restocking the food.
Dad and Cindy have us over all the time for meals and to take the kids out to play. On Saturday, they picked the kids up at 11am and kept them until bedtime. They played out in the snow, had lots of hot chocolate, went to see Beauty & the Beast in 3-D, ate their body weight in candy and popcorn, and then played in McDonald's playland.
So, as you can imagine, they are officially rotten.

And so am I. Because while Dad & Cindy had the kids, Mom and Mark took me out for an all-you-can-eat crab leg dinner!
There is nothing better in my book.

And we are heading back soon to spend some more time with Pat the Bunny who, as you know, is notorious for indulgence. The kids might be ruined for life.

I'm actually a little nervous to go back to life on my own. It's been so nice to have adult conversation and help with the munchkins.
I'd stay longer if I didn't have things to get back to. I'm hoping Derek can still rejoin his classmates on the bus, I have my Friday morning Bible study responsibilities that I've skipped out on, my friend Ashley will be having Brooke's sister in February, and with our move coming up so fast there are things to do around the house as well as wanting to spend time with friends before we say goodbye.

Plus there are run-on sentences to write.

Whew. Maybe I wont have time to be lonely after all.

But for now, it is Monday and I'm off to school my kid.
Today I will be teaching her the finer points of foot massage. I will be her practice dummy.


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Christina said...

Hey! I have a mustache and I am still depressed just too often. Maybe I need a gun?
That is probably a very bad idea. It sounded really funny in my head, but written out...scary. ha!
I know you are enjoying time with family...that is so great that it is and has been good. I pray your re-entry is as smooth as it can be.