Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 131

I'm tired, and I shall be retiring shortly. But first I will provide a run-down on our past several days.

-We left the western side of the state and drove back to Pat the Bunny's on Friday. It's only a bit over 2 hours, but it made me remember that soon we will be driving 13 hours back to North Carolina. And while it will be nice to be back in our own house, I am not looking forward to the drive or the unpacking that awaits me.

- I miss my husband. This is news, no?

- September was a long time ago. Like, back when it was hot. And before Halloween. And Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And New Years. And lots of days in between.

- Pity party complete.

- I have a new best friend.

- Allow me to explain.

- Each month we send the guys a "morale calendar." It's a big calendar that the spouses make, and each family takes a 12x12 square for a day of the month. It's covers a wall at their squadron building. We decorate our square and put pictures on it, etc. Mine is predictably lame because I lack the scrapbooking gene that makes a person enjoy such goings-on.
Ergo, this blog.

- I like to use the word ergo. And I like to blog because I enjoy recording our daily lives in a non-scrapbook format. The alternative requires scissors, hard copies of photographs, cute embellishments, and general work.

- Back to my story.

- For February, apparently the idea for the morale calendar was for all the wives to put a photo of themselves on their square. A Valentine's photo, if you will. The word sexy was mentioned. A couple of the girls in the squadron are photographers and were going to take pictures for anyone who didn't have one.

- I am not photogenic, and as luck would have it, I am also not in North Carolina. So I decided to opt out of this month's calendar. But I kept getting e-mails from the commander's wife, Tera, asking where my picture was.

- So I sent her this:

- And bless her heart, she thought that it was actually me.
Or should I say, that more than the face was me.

- She is my new best friend.

- And I also might gently suggest a vision exam.

- I'm getting into my jammie jam jammerkins and going to nighty nite town now.


Sandy said...

you are just going to die when that picture shows up on the moral calendar!

Corie said...

Soo funny!

Me and Mr. Wright said...

Quite crafty with the editing! I love it- and its totally something I would do! :) Praying for your strength/sanity to make the trek back to NC!

Christina said...

You are one hot mama!! Love those boots! :)

Taylor said...

So, did she put it in the calendar?!? Oh my gosh. You are the so brave. You are my hero, you know?

Sally said...

Now THAT'S a supportive commanders wife!

Maranda said...

I love it! Please let us know if it makes the cut and gets placed in the calendar.