Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 114

Alternately titled, a series of random things.

I haven't talked to Josh since the Michigan game, which incidentally turned out quite well despite possibly removing a few months from my lifespan with it's nail-biting ending.

I would say that I miss him, but that doesn't quite do it justice.

Good thing I have a mini-Josh to remind me of him.

Alex asked me "Can I play disney junior dot com slash mickey?"
Well, how could I say no to such a detailed request?
Your advertising is slick, Disney Channel. Well done.

Alex has played these games maybe once a week for about a year now. Derek always pulls up a chair to watch.
Do you know that he has never asked if he can play?
I don't know if the thought has never occured to him or if he's scared of what his sister might say to his request.

He's a gentle soul.

Remember World's Colliding?
Anyone want to take a guess the bigger picture? Don't be afraid, it's not like I'm showing you animal genitalia.
(This time.)


This photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful sunset we were treated to the other night.
The pink, orange, and blue colors were a sight to behold.

Romans 1:20
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.


Happy Birthday to my sister in law, Yessica Yoy. Hope you partied it up as only a nursing mother can do. Which means got to bed early after toasting a new year with a caffeine free pop.

(I'm in Michigan, so I have to call it pop.)
(Her name is actually Jessica Joy, but it's a family nickname that I choose to attempt to embarrass her with.)
(But she's already had a baby, so we know that things that used to qualify as embarrassing are really trivial now.)
(At least if her experience was anything like mine with Derek, when the not-very-thoughtful nurse just left sheets pulled way back over my knees as seemingly hundreds of people walked past my recently evacuated birth canal.)

(Pretty sure I just lost a couple readers.)
(Which brings my total down to about...7.)


Taylor wondered in the comments of my last post why the guys grow mustaches during deployments.

Awhile back, Anonymous (who is really my friend Amy's husband, Joe) posted this in the comments of a post in which I made disparaging remarks about the pedostache.

It's not a "pedo stache" - it's a bulletproofing mustache. The idea behind the Mustache dates back to the early beginnings of military aviation during World War I, it continued throughout World War II, and on to the Combat 'Stache of the Vietnam conflict. Pilots would grow a "Bulletproof" mustache, not only for the luck that it provided, but also as a good natured protest against military regulations which strictly regulate facial hair- it serves to highlight the need for mission focus during a conflict. At a time when aircrew were being lost on almost a daily basis it was imperative to focus on the accomplishment of the mission, rather than being waylayed into spending time enforcing minor regulations that have little to do with winning the war. Also known as "queep".

No discussion of the Combat Mustache would be complete without acknowledging the most famous "Bulletproof" facial hair of all - worn by the Vietnam-era Commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, "The Wolfpack", Brigadier General Robin Olds.

Thanks for the info, Joe. I will allow the furry creature to remain on my husband's most handsome of faces until he is out of theater, for it's somewhat dubious bullet-proofing properties.

However, there is typically a pit stop or two along the way home, which will provide convenient access to places that will allow for facial hair removal.


I'd be more random, but I have to get this published within the next 5 minutes or it wont be Jessie's birthday anymore.



Sandy said...

count me amoung the lucky 7...and i don't need no stinkin' mustache! =o)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! Derek must be sooooo sweet. He honestly doesn't just try to take over the laptop the second that Alex turns her head? Wow... That's impressive. Remind me to not ever let my girls near your sweet boy... ;)

Erin said...

So happy that you are keeping busy in MI! Enjoy your pop! Justin caught me saying soda the other day. It's time to move north again ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh. The picture is a head of sorts on the left... GWTW Ornament on the tree next to....... I'm guessing a Disney Belle ornament. Scarlet epitomized strength next to a woman who fell for the ole' Stockholm syndrome. Weak sauce ;-)

Love Jen mcd

Joyce said...

The dot com ad cracked me up.

I'm one of your seven...I've had children so I'm hard to shock.

Anonymous said...

Day 114! Wow! Time's flying . . . for me. :) Happy New Year!


Elaine said...

you should hop on over to my facebook page and check out my hubbys deployment mustache...or rather beard and long hair :P at first the thought of it grossed me out, but at christmas I got to see him for the first time since he's left (in that picture) and i totally dig it...but maybe bc it had been too long since i'd seen him? either way, the mountain man look is sexy lol