Thursday, January 12, 2012

My armpits are blue, and other things.

I took the kids to a museum today.

It was quite nice. We had the place practically to ourselves, and it was free.
I really like free.
Free is my favorite of all the prices.

Alex and I share the same sentiments about ice cream.

Future sportscaster. Boom goes the dynomite.

If you don't get the dynomite reference, then you don't spend enough time on you tube, or you're not married to Josh B. Schore.
Or maybe both.

The kids area was fun.

We're supposed to get some snow tonight and tomorrow, so I had to get the hooligans out of the house to burn off some energy.
Oh and Field Trip?

If that's not enough to put me in the running for homeschooling mom of the year, then maybe this is:

Oh yeah. Arts and Crafts baby.
My play-doh man is awesome, is he not? I just have hidden talents coming out of the woodwork.
I mean, I'm practically fluent in Spanish these days.

Well, as long as you only want to speak in the present tense, and say things like, The girl eats an apple in the kitchen.
We could have really awesome conversations about such things.

I bought a new sweatshirt in a pretty blue color.
It's a good thing I like the color because now my armpits are the same shade.
Really? That happens?

It wouldn't be so surprising if I'd bought the shirt from the dollar store, but I would like an accounting from one J. Crew.

What else?
Oh yes, I'm starting to make my way back to North Carolina. Very slooooooooooowly.
In a week I'm heading back to PtB's to spend a little more time there before making the long drive.

Right now we're still on track for our move to California almost immediately after Josh gets home. So there should be plenty to do to keep me busy between arriving at home and waiting for the news that Josh is on his way.
Can't wait! I'm ready to be a family of four again.


Sandy said...

i like deserted almost as much as i like free... =o)

Taylor said...

That museum looks awesome-can't believe it was free!

I did not get the dynomite thing.

I'm Erin. said...

I know-- we've paid quite a bit for similar museums. And free + deserted was the best combo.

Christina said...

You are in good company, it looks like. Your play-do guy's armpits are purple.
Good children's museums are the best!!