Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's been too long since I've joined in with the Wednesday Hodgepodge at Joyce's page.
So here we go...

1. Will you be hosting any house guests between now and the end of December? Does that thought make you happy or crazy? Do you do anything special for your guests to make them feel at home? How long should a house guest stay? 

I shall not be having any guests, instead I myself will be continue to be a full-time house guest for all that time, and beyond. What luck!

If anyone is squatting back at our place, they would be guests of the uninvited variety.
And if you are reading this, could you start the robbery with that dinosaur of a TV we've got? I've heard of these things called flatscreens that apparently are all the rage.

I know because my mom's got, like, 6 of them.
See those guys on the field? I can see a booger in their nose from across the room.

Am I happy that I'm not hosting?
Why yes, yes I am. 
When people stay at your house they eventually will need to eat, and that poses a litany of woes. Grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, clean up. You know, the stuff of life that I try to minimize as much as possible.
Do I do anything special as a host to make guests feel at home? Well I consider stocking the fridge and changing sheets special, so yeah, I guess I do.
How long should a houseguest stay? 
That depends-- do they cook?

2. Walter Elias Disney was born this week (December 5) back in 1905 ...what's your all time favorite Disney movie? Here's a list in case you're struggling...and yes, you have to pick one.

My favorite was always Beauty & the Beast. I like the music the best in that one, though I find the love connection startling.
About as startling as Josh would find my legs if he surprised me by coming home without warning. Not gonna lie. They too are a little beastly.

3. What was the last thing you purchased that you realized was a mistake after the fact?
Well the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of buyer's regret is that house we've got hanging around in Idaho.
I'm sure I've regretted something since then, but it pales in comparison.

4. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online?

This year it seems I'm doing almost all of my shopping online, but there is still plenty of time left to hit up some stores. I'd definitely say it will end up being somewhere between 50-75% online. The final touches & stocking stuffers will need to be done in-person.

5. Amaryllis-snowdrop-poinsettia...your favorite winter blossom?

If it's not edible, I don't really care. 
If it's drawn with icing on a dessert, I'll prefer the one that is buttercream.

6. What is one thing on your personal Christmas wish list? I think we all want peace on earth so let's make this answer an actual item.

My hubby with a bow on his head? I assure you that he's one hot item.

But I sense that your question wanted me to be a bit more realistic...

There are a few things that I'm thinking I would like, though not necessarily for Christmas. One is a new cell phone--though I'm backing away from the smart phone thing to just a better phone with texting.
(I realized that a smart phone is very useful if you're away from the house a lot. However I spent most of my time hermiting, where I have a perfectly good acceptable laptop, that doubles as a lap warmer/burner, for all my inter-needs.)

I've also kind of gotten hooked the last couple weeks on my mom's Keurig coffee maker. Since Josh doesn't drink coffee, it might suit us better to just make individual cups. So that's a possibility as well. 

I'm supposed to be giving Josh ideas for my gift, but since the mountainous region of Afghanistan isn't known for it's shopping, I told him that I could just click "buy" on my own.

7. If you could only use one word today what would it be?

I'd better stick with the safe bet and go with "No."
After all, I have a couple kids.

And I also need to be prepared to reply in case I am propositioned on the street... Why, you look beautiful in your jeans and sweatshirt-- would you run away with me?

Hey. It could happen.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Today I took the kids to story hour at the local library. The kids area was actually really nice, so I plan to go back again soon. At the start of story time there were only a few other kids there besides mine, and the librarian made it a point to say that it was apparently just a girls' day today.

Maybe time for a haircut for the little fella?

I don't think he looks like a girl all that much.
And he's the sweetest guy in the whole wide world.
And he says the word mama more than I thought was possible.

He starts and ends his sentences with it.
For example: Mama, do you see my picture Mama? Mama I colored it with a blue crayon mama. Mama, do you like it Mama?

It would be totally annoying if he didn't come up to me every few minutes to rub his cheek against mine.
He's a nuzzler.
And I can't get enough of him.

He can call me mama as much as he wants. Between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Oh, and Josh he made that candy cane for you during craft time at the library. But then he decided you wouldn't mind too much if he just kept it for himself. ;)

He's special.


Becky said...

Ok I tried to post this and the computer shut off for mandatory down time. So here I am again. First, I would like to thank you for serving at home while your husband serves over seas. ( I am sorry I can not spell so I could not even begin to spell Afaganastan) Anyway you understand. I really enjoyed reading your post and your son is adorable!

Godsgalnj said...

LOL I hear you completely on the whole house guest thing haha!

LOL to the winter blossom response! I prefer buttercream, too.

"My hubby with a bow on his head." Awwww!

And your kids are simply the cutest!!

Susan said...

So glad to have you join the HP today! I loved reading your answers and I love your sense of humor. I imagine that's mandatory for an Air Force family. :) I think you would love a Keurig coffee maker. And your little guy definitely looks like a boy. I'm partial to boys with long(er) hair, though, just ask my 4 grown up boys who keep their hair buzzed now as a result of my blow drying their hair when they were little. :) Have a great time with your family!

Tracy said...

Found you via hodgepodge. Buttercream flowers are the best.

Joyce said...

Glad you joined the HP today! I hope 2012 is the year you can say SOLD! And you are too funny : )

Tami said...

found you through Hodgepodge - I love your husband comment "with a bow on his head". I have three boys and I get warm and fuzzy hearing you talk about yours. Adorable!!!

A Gracious Home said...

Your little boy is so cute. I like his hair. I hope he got to stay for story-time.

Taylor said...

I always think of you when I shave my legs. True story.