Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Feliz Navidad

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas!

As for me, and probably most of you, we've been busy with busyness.

Yesterday we trekked over to the west side of the state, and not a day too soon, as the snow was falling this morning. A pretty day to stay inside by the fire nursing a cup of coffee.
And that's precisely what I've done.

My dad & Cindy got me the Keurig I was wanting for Christmas! Yay! After the blog post when I mentioned it, my dad let it slip that he was way ahead of me and they had already ordered one. I even got to have it early to take to Pat the Bunny's for the past couple weeks.
That is good, for coffee is not one of her accepted food groups.

It lacks the necessary sodium level to qualify.

So let's play catch-up now on the days leading up to Christmas...

The kids have been mucho excited.
And hyper.
And loud.
And a wee bit naughty.

Frankly they're lucky that Santa didn't hop right over them this year.

Crazy boy with his zoob crown.

Alex being a little mama to her cousin.

Christmas Eve cookie decorating...

Derek made one cookie, promptly started eating it, then dropped the snowman and decapitated him.

Resulting in this:

He refused to eat it, but was okay with giving it to Santa.

It tasted just fine.
I mean, that's what Santa told me, of course.

We have a tradition of letting the kids open one gift each on Christmas Eve.
It is always new pajamas.


Yet they have not caught on to that fact yet.

They were surprised and delighted by their new jammie-jam-jammerkins.

(Yes, we really call them that.)

Look what happens when you don't bring your stocking to Michigan with you.
The kids get to make their own...

... and I get an old nylon stocking.

For the record, I do not need a stocking. But somehow Santa always brings me some chocolate on Christmas morning and apparently needs somewhere to place it.

Christmas Day might have to wait for it's own post, but for those of you waiting for a Gone With the Wind post-- first refresh yourself here, because worlds are about to collide.

To be continued...


Sandy said...

OMG!!! That stocking killed me. And it's nylon...do you know how far those can stretch? That's a LOT of chocolate!!!

Me and Mr. Wright said...

Can't wait for the PtB post! :)

The Henry Crew! said...

Totally cracked up at that stocking! HAHAHA!!!!!

Taylor said...

Those are cute jammie-jam-jammerkins. ;)

Joyce said...

We get jammie jam jammerkins here on Christmas Eve too. Santa might even still leave some for me. Happy New Year!