Thursday, December 22, 2011

Halfway Home

Day 100.
This is the day I mark as halfway to the end of the deployment.

As with most facets of our military life, there is no actual date set in stone for Josh's return. Since traveling via fighter jet is unpredictable, I think that 200 days total for the deployment is a good guestimate that factors in some extra time for delays.

It feels like a long time ago that he left. 
It's hard to imagine that we still need that same amount of time to pass before he'll be home. 

But the days march on.
I'm grateful that we found out about our next assignment so early in the deployment. Focusing on the excitement of our upcoming Spanish adventure, and also working to learn a new language, has been great for both me and Josh.
After the kids and I get home, there will be plenty to keep me occupied as I try to weed through our household goods and make an attempt to purge some items. I think our next two homes, first in California and then in Spain, will be quite a bit smaller than the generous amount of space we currently have.

I talked to Josh today, and he's feeling a little under the weather. Hope it clears up and does not become a full-fleged man cold.
He's got no one there to answer his bell.

And he hasn't even had a hug in 100 days. Poor baby.
Though my guess is that bothers him less than another thing he's going without... ;)

Love you baby!
Soon we'll be counting down the days until my very favorite part of military life. After all, most married couples don't get to have a honeymoon every year and a half or so.

Glass half full, no?

I'll leave you with this parting shot of our daughter, which fairly aptly sums up her 'tude as of late.

The kids are excited about Christmas, overindulged by grandparents, and getting a little homesick as well.
The combination is a wee bit... challenging... to deal with.
I am requesting Santa either bring me a big box of patience, or a vacation sans children.

His choice.


Taylor said...

Ok, I just read the past few posts. I am sorry I haven't been commenting or reading as often as I would like. Things have been busy! Loved the train ride. My boys would love that. :) Sorry that Josh wasn't included in the early returners. That stinks. I love your attitude and I thank you for your sacrifice. I am sure it is so hard.

That was a long comment.
Perhaps you would be more comfortable with:

hi erin.


Sandy said...

maybe santa will give josh a hug when he swings thru afghanistan.

get well josh *<=o)

merry christmas to everyone!!!

Corie said...

Man cold.... hee hee