Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 90

Today we drove the 2 1/2 hours back to Pat the Bunny's house.
My kids are jumping up and down on my last nerve, so I've pawned them off on PtB for the evening and I'm hoping that they'll figure out how to put themselves to bed.

The last couple of days in western Michigan were quite festive. We decked the halls at Mimi's house, complete with a dinner of hot chocolate & candy canes, followed by some kettle corn and watching The Polar Express. Oh, and some apple slices for good measure.

We spent Sunday at Pepaw's playing outside and eating a yummy pot roast.

Have you ever seen two kids more excited about being pulled around on a sled?

It might be because Pepaw's idea of pulling the kids around is a little unconventional...

And fast.

Then we went traipsing through the woods, looking for animal tracks and the elusive perfect stick.

Mission accomplished.

Look! It's me in a picture that's not taken in a mirror!

Watch out:

Youngest member of the NRA

And if the dead deer hanging in the barn is any indicator, my father is definitely not a member of PETA. 
The kids checked it out and reported that there was a huge deer with blood dripping off it's nose. 


They had so much fun outside that they wanted to do it all again after dinner.
I decided Pepaw could handle it on his own. They returned after dark, all in one piece and just a little wet.

So there you have a recap of our last couple days. Hopefully after a good nights' rest everyone here (read: me!) will be in a better mood.


Anonymous said...

Bet PTB was glad to see you 3 again. Love the snow pics......we are getting ready to have some nice, unseasonably warm days here in NC.....glad I am only looking at pics of snow!!!

Take care and have fun!!!! (looks like the kiddos are having a great time)


Suz said...

Haha that is funny about the NRA, bc I seriously was a member as a child. My dad had the kid membership, cards and everything for us hahaha. Looks like they are having a blast!

We went to the OG Christmas Party at the load barn last weekend. (We went with our neighbors and their 3 kids so we didn't look like 2 creeper adults with no kids visiting Santa.) Def thought about you guys and wish you had been there, I know your kids are pros at the box mazes by now!

Taylor said...

Cute pic! Your card should arrive soon. I almost put "in care of Pat the Bunny" but then decided against. :)