Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 107

I've been a lazy blogger because I picked up a book.
My apologies. I'm one of those people who picks up a book and everything else gets set aside until it's finished.
The children go hungry, no one bathes, laundry piles up...

It doesn't even matter if it's a book I've read 5 times before.

(And it is.)

(Also I might be exaggerating slightly. I do enjoy being clean.)

I've also been playing with my new Christmas toy.
It starts with an i and ends with a pad.

I'm totally in the cool kids club now. After berating me for my old-school laptop that can't hold a charge, doesn't have a backspace key, and gives me third degree lap burns, my Mom & Mark gifted me with my new little friend.

Me likey. Me likey a lot.
Thanks guys!!

But it was kind of mean of you to first give me an iPad box that held only a maxi pad.
Funny, but mean.

This has nothing to do with anything, but the other day Derek grabbed this caterpillar toy and announced that it was his really long penis.

Boys are funny.

Christmas recap--

We opened the toys...

...played with the toys...

...and then showed them all to Daddy a couple hours later.

Josh was flying that morning, so he wasn't able to watch the live proceedings this time.


Tonight Pepaw and Grandma Cindy took these three hooligans to see a movie and have dinner.

 Woo-hoo! 3 and half hours of quiet for us. Candy, popcorn, happy meals, and a playplace for them. Probably a headache and some regret for Dad and Cindy.

They were a wee bit excited when they returned home. Alex & Kennedy had to give us all a play-by-play on the movie. It sounded epic.
Surely a future classic.

Something about a chipmunk. And a shipwreck.

Derek bounced off the walls and tried on some glasses.

Then he bounced off some more walls, only with poorer vision.
Then he threw the glasses behind the couch, slipped down the steps, and went to bed.

Pretty good day for a four year old.

Meanwhile I've unsuccessfully been trying to take a picture of Woody Woodpecker, who frequents the bird feeder outside the window here. He is very skittish.

I can't get any closer without him flying away and I've determined that when I grow up I shall not be a nature photographer.

You're welcome.

Also, this post?
Very random.

And I forgot I was supposed to tell you about WORLDS COLLIDING.

That will have to wait until tomorrow. Or whenever I finish my book.
Mostly because my lap is really hot right now, and I can't blog very well on my iPad.



Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I got the plug-in keyboard for the ipad just for blogging. It takes too long on the onscreen keyboard!

Sandy said...

derek looks very scholarly (glasses NOT caterpillar!) alex looks very motherly. josh looks very uncomfortable and you look...missing!

Erin said...

Great to see you are in the 100s!