Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 98

Today I'm celebrating (from a distance) with several friends in our squadron. I wasn't able to mention it before, but quite a few of our guys were able to return home early from the deployment.

Unfortunately, Josh wasn't one of them.

It's a little tough to watch the reunions when ours is still so far off, but I am really happy for my friends who are getting an early Christmas gift.

Here is a short clip of some good friends of mine welcoming their husband's home.

I can't wait for our turn...


Sandy said...

i can't imagine how that makes one feel when their loved one is still so far away...bitter sweet perhaps? he will be home before you know it! Merry Christmas to you and your family erin.

Suz said...

I watched this on the news yesterday!! I was thinking about you guys. I was like "WHAT? He got to come home early and she didn't tell us????" It was fun to see the houses down the street all decorated with Welcome Home signs. March will be here so soon and you guys have a lot of fun stuff to do in between now and then!

Merry Christmas!