Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Things

1) Today at the grocery store I insisted on a price check when my elbow macaroni rang up $0.40 more than it should have.

I was feeling ornery.

It's the principle of the matter.
Even more annoying is that I'm sure they didn't correct it in their computer, so the next schmuck will have to wait while the slow-moving clerk meanders away to check the price.
Customer service is going down the tubes, people.
Don't worry, I spent my time waiting wisely, as I had chosen to self-checkout in Spanish.

I just pushed buttons and tried to figure out what they were saying.

2) The other day, the kids received Christmas cards in the mail here at Pat the Bunny's house.
They were the thick kind that play music and require extra postage.
Three stamps each, to be exact.

Care to guess who sent them?

Yep, Pat the Bunny.
Sent from her house, to her house.

I have no idea why she didn't just put them in her own mailbox without wasting money on stamps.

I'm going to guess that she would not have requested the price check for 40 cents.

3) This is my boy, fresh and clean from the bath.

He said that he was the baby turtle's daddy and he was going to take care of him.
Isn't he sweet?

Then he told the turtle to close his eyes and go to sleep-- he would go fight the bad guys to keep him safe.

I love Daddy's who do that.  :)

One such Daddy sent each of his kiddos a flag that he flew in combat.
They don't really get it, but they do enjoy using the flags as blankets for their stuffed animals.

Little patriots. ;)

4) I have not been poking nearly enough fun at Pat the Bunny this trip, but soon I shall remedy that with a post to be titled:

Food Groups according to Bunny, Pat the.

It will be entertaining.
Gross, yet entertaining.

5) This is my girl:

She likes Christmas.
And I like her.


Anonymous said...

:-) don't forget another GWTW ornament update!

Jen mcd

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I am super excited about the food group post!

Erin said...

If you run out of ideas....... http://jezebel.com/5867978/children-receiving-bad-christmas-presents-is-as-funny-as-it-sounds

Sandy said...

i LOVE that flag idea...that will be something your kids will treasure forever! who would have thought they could do something like that.

Taylor said...

The postage thing killed me. KILLED me. I, too, am awaiting a GWTW post, por favor.