Monday, March 28, 2011

Body Movin'

Saturday was the second (and last) parent watch day of the dance year. If you remember, the last one did not go so well. Alex pretty much refused to do anything other than pout and whine.
Turns out that she was sick, and her stage mother was forcing her to dance anyway.


So we kept the expectations low for this time around, and thankfully it went much better.
She actually showed signs of enjoying herself, and get this-- she danced!

The giggling you here in this clip belongs to my husband.
(Really, it's him.)
He finds Alex's dance moves amusing. I don't know why, I mean she's a total natural. We're counting on her to help us retire.

Alex is pretty much her daddy's mini-me. She really only inherited one thing from me, and that would be her backside. She's got a bit of a rump.
The title of this clip is: Shake what yo momma gave ya!

This one is...a little disturbing.
If we ever show up to dance class and find that they've installed a pole, I'm pulling her.
It's not the booty shaking either-- it's whatever you call the next move.

This one is funny only because her neck didn't actually break during that last somersault.

The recital is coming up at the end of May. This is my first go-round with the dance world, so I made sure to read the handbook.

Did you know that the recital will last almost 3 hours?
And that Alex's part in the recital will last about 3 minutes?
And that the costume was $70?
And it is 35 minutes away from here?
And we have to go the night before as well for a dress rehearsal?

Today I found out that parents are supposed to bring flowers for their little girls for after the show.

What a waste of time and money wonderful opportunity for my daughter!

But I think she should be bringing me flowers.


Sandy said...

i think that you need to post another photo of your husband in his flight suit so that we may erase that "giggle" from our psyche... =o)

Me and Mr. Wright said...

Oh I love little girls in dance class! :) One of my most cherished memories is of my dad and mom bringing me flowers after my first dance recital. I have the picture somewhere! :)

She is too cute though! And at that age......there really is no skill yet.

And the giggling husband is too funny!

Happy Monday! :)

Rachel said...

One of my friends' daughters does those recitals a number of times a year because she is involved in more than one type of dance and she explained to me that you also pay for the "professional" photographs and/or video as well, which are crazy expensive. You have fun having a daughter, my friend.

P.S. What's with Josh's laugh?

Rachel said...

Of course, I shouldn't talk. Our preschool is ridiculous!

Erin said...

Oh, thanks for the flower tip! Marina & Alex's classes look the same! Tap, ballet & tumbling. Marina is doing Boogie Woogie (or whatever that is called) for her recital. Her dance school split up the recital nights into Sat & Sun. Marina pulled Sunday so she has her rehearsal in the morning and the recital at night. I guess I should let the babysitter know about that now...

Christina said...

She'll bring flowers to you when you are in the nursing home!
I'm with you...the money you have to spend on that stuff is outrageous.

Jen McD said...

I'm loving every bit of this! Yea Alex!!!!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Alex is precious. The girl's got moves! Yes, you will want to bring flowers...our dance studio sold them there too and they were outrageous so go to the grocery store and get them cheaper. Also, I don't know how your dance studio is but our won't let you video the recital. You have to buy the $30 DVD that they have professionally done.

Grandma said...


The Andersons said...

Alex is too cute in these videos! I guess this is just a preview of what I have to look forward to (and should start saving for) in the years to come!

Joyce said...

I absolutely loved this. I had two girls in dance for 12 years each...do you know what pointe shoes cost? Do you know they need more than a few pair in a single year?

Ahh..recitals...the rehearsals are brutal. And fyi-there will be some super intense parents back stage. Yikes.
Pack a backpack with tricks because it feels way longer than three hours! And for those three minutes on stage your face will hurt from the smiling.

Taylor said...

Too cute! And wow . . . Josh can sure giggle ;)

The Main Family said...