Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Update

What's new with me?
Allow me to bore you with the details:

-- Taxes and yard-work dominated our weekend, and by our I mostly mean Josh's. Note: having a huge pine tree in your yard is like losing the tree lottery. The good news is that we should get enough of a tax refund to hire someone else to do the yard work. What do you think, honey?

-- New guidelines were released today for child safety restraints. They now recommend that children be left in a rear-facing seat until they are old enough to vote.
At that point, they can move to a booster seat.
If I were a minivan designer, I would start installing the built-in DVD players in the very back of the van now.

--I have a medical screening for a life insurance company tomorrow.

(I think my husband has plans to have me killed. I've been making him deal with all of the phone calls about our Idaho house. I don't like phone calls. I think it's starting to get to him.)

--The company tried to make it sound oh-so-convenient with an appointment right at my house.
Then as I was getting off the phone, they threw all of the not-so-convenient stuff at me. Like, the mandatory 8-12 hour fast.
And that I can't work out in the morning.

Well, dang.
I was really going to hit the gym hard, too.

Okay, maybe not hard. But I was going to hit it.


--This traveling nurse/doctor/whoever better come with her needle ready, because I plan to provide a specimen and then start eating while she conducts whatever interviewing need be done.
I am generally a very hungry person.

Do you think it will hurt my insurability if she sees me eat steak & eggs, with a side of bacon? And biscuits and gravy?
With lots of butter?

Maybe I should play it safe with a grapefruit. After all, I'm the only adult in the house with half a chance of being insured.
My husband, while the picture of health, does not qualify for this policy.

I'm really starting to think his job isn't as safe as he tells me it is.

--Amelia the bulldog has not lost her appeal with the kids, who take turns feeding her and filling her water bowl. My kitchen floor has never been crumb-free for this long. However her jowls are currently resting on my foot, and I'm feeling the need to change my socks now.

--After school, Alex requested and received new nail polish on her fingers and toes.

Which makes her more stylish than her mother, who is still sporting an awful pink color that I threw on in haste the day I left for my cruise.
I do believe it's past time to correct that.

--Derek had just woken up from his nap, and was grumpy and under-dressed for the occasion.

-- He eventually came around and decided dancing in his undies in the driveway was a good way to pass the time.

Not having tried that recently, I cannot confirm or deny if it is, indeed, a good way to pass the time.

--It's currently 6:32pm, and you know what that means:
It means that there are 28 minutes left until I'm closing the doors on a couple of kids.
I do love an early bedtime.

--I should probably get in bed early tonight too. Then I can set my alarm for 2:45am and squeeze in a quick snack before my 8 hours of fasting begins.


--Sort of.


Sandy said...

i look just like that when i wake up from a nap too...right down to my underoos! love the dogs expression in the door...

Sally said...

Oh my goodness - you absolutely crack me up!!!

And I'm trying to find you renters for your Idaho house... I feel this urgent need to defend my reputation as awesome house-finder-person... :-)

Taylor said...

I had stress with my rental house and my dog today.
Therefore, I think we should go out to dessert together.
You can come to my neck of the woods.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha!!

Army Air Force Mutual Aid does not have a war clause... Brandon has his policy through them :)

Good luck with your fun in the morning! I remember those people coming to my DORM room when I was in college to collect their specimens :)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I am also totally against phone calls. I feel for you.

The medical person will make you pee in a cup. You can hide a snack in the bathroom!

Christina said...

I would not qualify for a life-insurance policy if someone came to our house due to the looming laundry mountain. I'm sure it is a safety hazard, as it may topple over on an unsuspecting passerby at any moment.
I hope your appt. goes very well, and that you get to eat sooner rather than later. I bet you amaze her with your grapefruit eating skills.

trooppetrie said...

we have 15 pine trees in our yard and all I can say is YIKES, if we owned this house I would have most of them removed