Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's Thursday already.

I promise that I meant to do better at posting this week, but I should probably just come to the realization that it's not getting better any time soon.
Life is busy, but in a good way.

Warmer weather means we're getting outside more, meeting friends for walks around the neighborhood, and making attempts at planting a few things in the garden.

Oh, and if you're wondering if I survived the fast, well, I suppose the answer is obvious.
I knew there was a reason I keep that extra layer of adipose tissue around my midsection.
For such a time as this.
The medical examiner, who in fact was a phlebotomist, called about 15 minutes before she was supposed to arrive informing me that she would be about 20 minutes late.

No problem, I said. I'm being sustained on water and toothpaste. Take your time.

I guess I'm being a bit dramatic over not being able to eat until noon. But in my defense, I did have to get up at 6:45.
And did I mention I'm a hungry person?
I am.

I finally got back to the gym a few times this week after the migrating cold took me out of commission for a bit. I took a class on Wednesday that rendered me barely able to walk.
My gluteus maximus is wee bit tender.
I have to complain about it to you here in blog-land, because if I mention it to my husband he will assume that it's an invitation to give me a butt massage.

And he will probably have an ulterior motive.

Also adding to my weekly agenda was a spouse's coffee on Tuesday night.
This involves the wives* from the squadron, good food, chit-chat, a little bit of squadron business, and almost never any actual coffee.

*Male spouses are invited too. Only they'd probably rather kill themselves than attend.

Coffees are a military tradition that are especially important in the fighter community. Our husbands have a demanding job, work long hours, and leave together for long periods of time. So the other women in the squadron become like family-- we drive each other to the airport, we watch dogs, we keep children, we share meals.

And when we hear about one of our jets going down, even if it's from another squadron, we all experience that same stomach-dropping feeling.
So thankful that the crew of the F-15E was safely recovered in Libya earlier this week!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

There's ALWAYS an ulterior motive isn't there? ;)

Kara said...

Bwahaha!!! There is definitely always an ulterior motive!

Good thinking, too, on keeping that extra layer of tissue around for tight times. I knew my "curves" had to have some use...now I know exactly what they're for!

Erin said...

That's nice that your wives do things together. Our husbands still deploy, but at different times and no one really supports each other. I've met everyone in Justin's office once....and we moved here last July.

The Henry Crew! said...

I got the full TSA pat-down this week at the Fresno Airport because me, er, extra layer of padding, looked suspiciously like a bomb. Or drugs. Or something other than the fact that I have given birth three times. Sigh.

And Amen - so glad the crew of the F-15E ejected safely and were treated with such dignity.

Still working on a renter for your home! I've got a reputation to uphold, you know...