Thursday, March 17, 2011

This, that, and the other.

1) We're currently dog-sitting for our friends. The kids love it, and I don't have to vacuum in the kitchen anymore.
As an added bonus, Amelia the Bulldog just lays around and sleeps all day.

Except for anytime I walk into the kitchen. Then her snoring ceases and she clippity-clops her way into the kitchen in a hurry.
And then she looks at me. And I look at her.
And then I feel bad.
Because it seems that dogs are always hungry, and I can totally relate.

But for her own good, she only gets to eat twice a day.

If you told me that someone was going to ration out a couple of measly cups of kibble to me twice a day, I'd probably decide life wasn't worth living anymore.

So it's a good thing I'm not a dog, I guess.

2) I love my son.
I suppose this is not news.
But he is the sweetest little guy on the face of the planet and I just thought I'd mention that, in case you'd forgotten.

I try to keep it real around here-- I don't pretend to have a great figure, a clean house, or that I know what I'm making for dinner any given night. Really my only claim to fame is a hot husband and an uncanny ability to destroy pancakes.
My kids can be sassy, whiny, and well, sometimes just plain disgusting.

Remind me sometime in the future to tell you about the Gingerbread House Incident of 2010.

As you might imagine, the incident took place around Christmastime. And yet I fear it is too soon to talk about it.
I haven't had time to heal emotionally.
Or gastronomically.

But I'm being totally honest when I say that Derek has had the sweetest disposition for the last week or so. He's been so patient and loving. He delights in the smallest of things. He is quite possibly the best 3-year-old shopping partner in the world.
And I'm so, so happy that he's mine.

He is not permitted to grow up or to ever replace me as the most important woman in his life.

And now that I've said that out loud, I'm certain the excessive whiny-ness of last week will be back with a vengeance.

(But I'll still be happy that he's mine.)

3) The newness of Ye Olde Grapefruit Spoon has yet to wear off. And I'm puttin' those puppies away like you wouldn't believe.

4) When I was putting Alex to bed the other night, we had this conversation:
Alex: Mom when I get married, what if my husband doesn't want to come live with us?
Me: Well when you're married, you will live in your own house with your husband.
Alex: But I don't want to leave you and Daddy.
Me: Well how about you get a house right next door to us and you can come visit anytime.
Alex: But what if my husband has to go to work every day like Daddy does and I miss him while I'm at high school?

I think she's missing a few links in the natural progression of events.

Oh, and she will not be getting married in high school.


Grandma said...

I notice that you dog sit quite often for Amelia, yet you never once offered to dog sit for Gracie Doggie.

Anonymous said...

Mias! You are good friends.

Jen mcd

Rachel said...

At least she wants a husband with a job.

Taylor said...

The convo with Alex was uber funny. ;)
Will you dog sit for Lucy? For, like, ever?

Christina said...

So cute! My three year old is much better shopping than my eight and ten year olds. They drive me crazy.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You have a good three year old? That's amazing. Three was my least favorite age.

Until I had a 14 year old