Monday, March 14, 2011

I don't have a title. So there.

Is is Monday again?
No wonder my house is a mess. I haven't been motivated since last Monday.

Though yesterday's warm weather did get me going on some outside projects. The kids helped* me wash off the deck furniture and prepare the garden beds for planting. You know, for once I figure out exactly how to plant something.

*term used loosely

It was almost 80 degrees yesterday!
Alex & Derek ate lunch on the front steps.

Mostly because we have some seriously huge bees buzzing around the backyard. I mean, these things look like small birds. We've seen them crawling out of some openings in the deck railing, so we're going to get some spray and see if we*can encourage them to die.

*term also used loosely, or used interchangeably with Josh

 In other news, I've been fighting off a migrating cold.

Don't know what a migrating cold is? Well that's because I just made it up.
It refers to a cold in which the symptoms do not come all at once.

Last week, for instance, it began with a sore throat.
Other than my throat I felt just fine.
So if only my children understood sign language and did not force me to speak, we'd have been doing okay.

Sadly, they don't know sign language. Not even the basics. I know this because when I'm talking on the phone and I put my finger to my lips in the universally recognized sign for "Shhhhh" they just get louder. Or when I give them a steely-eyed-death-glare while pointing my finger toward the door, the have no idea that I'm asking them to GET THE HECK OUT OF THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW.
Nope. They think I mean, pull on my arm and keep telling me that you're hungry.

Now where was I?
Oh yes, my throat started to improve while fatigue picked up.
I was really dragging for a day or two.
Then I got my energy back, and along came some stuffiness.
Today the stuffiness is more like drippy-ness along with an annoying, yet mild cough.

At least it was mild, until it caught me off guard resulting in a sudden need to change my underwear.

Sorry, TMI?
I've had a couple of kids, and I'd had a lot to drink.

Don't even think about making me laugh at the same time as a cough.
Then I'd need to change my pants, too.

A laugh-cough-jumping jack combo could probably create a puddle.
But I choose not to test that theory.

I really have no idea where I was going with this blog post, so I'm just going to stop while I'm ahead.
Though to be honest, I probably should have stopped before I shared about wetting myself.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Goodbye.


Taylor said...

I might have that same, mysterious migrating cold!
Weird wild stuff.
80 degrees! NO FAIR.

Taylor said...

I might have that same, mysterious migrating cold!
Weird wild stuff.
80 degrees! NO FAIR.

Corie said...

I just had the same cold too, in the same order...weird! And our 39 degrees felt warm today just because the sun was finally out!

Sandy said...

and this cold will never end i tell you. i am down to the cough that just won't go away. beside the whole having to change your underwear every 5 minutes...take a hot steamy shower and you will likely die! steam + cough = dizzy/faint!!! either that or my shower is out to get me...

Erin said...

Looks like it's time to work on some kegels. Then again, I've never done them, but I'm so uptight....

Anonymous said...

Little trick. Bend over completely when you cough or sneeze. You are less likely to wet yourself. Look like a fool, but a dry one

Brought to you by learned the hard way

Jen mcd

Christina said...

Pee your pants stories are funny. We all have them. Share on!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

So our kids speak the same language. Mine stand there and look at me funny when I snap my fingers and point down the hall while giving them dirty looks. As if I haven't explained to them what this means when I'm on the phone? UGH!