Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat, and Trick or Treat: Part Deux

Josh missed Halloween last year because he was deployed.
(He also missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and sexual relations, but that's off topic.)

The children, of course, love to trick-or-treat. There really is no down side to getting to stay up late, roam the streets, and demand candy from strangers.
They had this strange look on their faces, as if it were too good to be true.

And it kind of was.
Because if they thought that all of their chocolate was still going to be there in the morning, they would have been wrong.


But it was nice to be together as a family, taking part in a pagan holiday.

Ahem, again.

Alex had been planning all along to be Ariel, mermaid princess.
Derek was going to be whatever we put on him, in this instance, a lion.

At the last minute, Alex decided that she wanted to be Snow White. Again.
And so she was.

We had a nice time. Derek was over the moon for the whole thing. He would go up to houses and say "Trick or Treating," then run up to us waving the candy in the air. He seemed so surprised each time he received a piece.

Like, each and every time.

As in, he never seemed to take for granted that he would be given candy.

I think we need to put away a little more in his college fund.
I'm not sure the scholarships will be pouring in for that one.

But fun was had by all on Friday night.
Yes, I said Friday night.
Our county randomly designated the 29th as trick or treating night.
Odd, I say.

I will await further word on when we can celebrate Thanksgiving. I heard they might be moving it to a Tuesday.

The Air Force base, at which my husband works, but on which we do not live, was having trick or treating on...Halloween.
Strange, isn't it?

So to make up for last year, and for next year when we will likely be sans Daddy, we took them trick or treating again.
Are we the coolest parents, or what?

Or what.
Yeah, I know.

This time Alex wanted to be Ariel.
Derek stuck with the lion, mostly because that was his only option.

Much fun was had at Trick or Treat: Part Deux.

And now it is 10:21pm, so whatever else I was going to amuse you with must be delayed.
Because the alarm goes off at 6:45.
And that's early.
And I'm tired.

Goodnight Friends!

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Taylor said...

That is super weird about them switching around the trick or treating night.

Where did all the chocolate go? Are you a good girl and throw it out?
Because I have a king-sized pillow case full calling me from the laundry room.