Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday continued to hate me. But now it's Friday.

I felt like a bit of a Debbie Downer after my rant against Thursday yesterday.

I even considered updating it to say that generally speaking, I have a great life. Maybe I shouldn't pick on Thursday so much.

But then...

I went to go wake Derek a few minutes before we needed to leave to get Alex. I usually just scoop him right into the car, and let him have some milk and a snack on the drive. It helps ease the transition a bit.

So I went into his room, rubbed his back a little, and talked quietly as I picked him up.

Then I noticed that he was completely soaked.
With urine.


Derek, upon the unfortunate circumstance of finding himself woken up, covered in urine, stripped down, and thrown into the bath, decided to just cry for the next 10 minutes.

Then off to school.

What with all the trauma I had inflicted upon the boy, and the fact that the rain was pouring down, I decided that this was the day to try the "car pick-up" lane. You know, the one that's essentially a drive-thru, except instead of a milkshake, you get your spawn.

Once you get into the lane, you're kind of committed, as there is no way out of it.
I pulled into the lane at 3:20.
TWENTY minutes later, I finally have my kid in the car.


It is 3:40. Her dance class starts at 3:45.


So I do not take back my rant against the day.
Nay, I increase it.

But I'm going to do my part to put the past behind me. Friday's been a drastic improvement.
I mean, it really had nowhere to go but up.

Here's to a great weekend! Looking forward to spending some time playing with these sweet faces...


Erin said...

Four posts and it's only the 5th. You are on a roll!

I dread finding Elisha napping. It usually has the same unfortunate consequence.

Christina said...

Such sweet faces!
And I think that after that wait, driving through and picking up the daughter, a drive-through that involves a milkshake is highly necessary.

mikeandmelissafisher said...

Wow. You weren't kidding, Thursdays do hate you.

Here's to hoping next Thursday doesn't hate you as much :)

Beth Lewis said...

I think Thursday hates me, too!
I took my two week old to my old office to show her off. When we got out of the car, I realized she was wet; to my horror, 'twas not urine, but liquid poop, and had dripped down her legs into her super cute booties. Ruined the onesie and pants.
A few minutes later, after I nursed her, she spit up all over her spare outfit. (And my lap, leaving it look like I had had an accident.)
Then we had to go for a visit to the lady dr. Never fun.
Then I went home and my 2 year old fell off of her step stool, while holding onto my hair for support. My 2 yr old is very strong and I am missing quite the chunk of hair.
From now on, we shall boycott Thursdays.

I'm Erin. said...

Beth, you win!

Thursday definitely hates you too!

And Christina, funny you should say that. I did indeed go through the drive thru and ordered exactly that.
Would you believe that the milkshake machine was broken?!?!


Taylor said...

Beware of Thursdays.