Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Schtuff.

Today I went grocery shopping.
And so did 500 of my closest friends. 

Apparently there is this thing called Thanksgiving right around the corner. You may have heard of it.
And as luck would have it, it revolves around food.

For the first time, I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner here for our little family as well as some friends.
Don't worry, our friend Nicole is helping me.
She's very handy, and knows all sorts of things like how not to sicken our guests with half-cooked turkey, and which utensils go where.

You know, the little nuggets of information that were not passed along to me in my childhood.

Ahem. Mother. 

She could have at least signed me up for a cooking class or two.
Or maybe finishing school.

Do those really exist? Because I could use some finishing.

Anywho, I still have to go back to the store next week to get all of the fresh ingredients.
And the turkey, but that's neither here nor there.

Moving on--
The leaves.
They are beautiful. Colorful. Lovely.

My dear son is enchanted.
"Mom! A different color tree!"
"Mom! A yellow tree!"
"Mom! A red tree!"
"Mom! When do I get to go trick or treating again?"
"Mom! I have to tell you something. I like to go to Disney World."
"Mom! A green tree!"

So I figured I would take advantage of his enchantment. I told him that we could go on a walk and look at different color trees, but he needed to stop in front of them so I could take his picture.

He's a sucker, so naturally he agreed.
Commence photo shoot with one of my two favorite subjects.
And the verdict:

This one is over-edited. His face looks ghostly.

This one could be sharper.

This one makes me want to kiss on him a little. 

This one shows his naughty face.

This one makes me want to lock him away.

And this one?

More kisses for sure.


Is it only Tuesday? For some reason this week feels long.
Maybe because my hubby hasn't made it home before the kids' bedtime yet.
Facing the hours between 5-7pm on my own makes me want to hide under my covers in bed.

But they always find me.
Then they jump on me.


Today Alex got a "straight face" at school. They come home each day with a happy, straight, or sad face.
To date, this is her second straight face. Every other day has been happy.

So no big deal.
I guess she was playing in an off-limits part of the playground. (Though she protests that she was just playing near it.)

I asked her a few questions before I let the issue drop.
Me: Were you playing by yourself near the woods?
A: No, Madison was there too.
Me: Oh. Did Madison get a straight face, too?

A: No. She got a sad face. She does lots of naughty stuff all the time. Know what, mama? Madison's mom likes it when she gets straight faces.
Me: Well your mama doesn't.

So then we talked a little about making wise decisions even when others might not.
Alex seemed to be paying close attention to my instruction.
A: Mom, can I ask you something?
Me: What is it?
A: Can I have a piece of candy from my pumpkin?



Tayler said...

Oh my goodness! Derek is looking like a little man! Errr, I mean- he looks super babyish still. Either way, he is the cutest ever!

Taylor said...

He is so cute! My younger daughter came home from school once where she had to "pull her card" (the warning) and the teacher told me she would not stop crying about it and almost called me to pick her up early!

Joyce said...

Your little guy is too cute!

My youngest and I had frequent talks along those same lines thru the elementary years. And I guess the Middle years too. Some kids are drawn to the rebels : )

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Man, I could use some finishing too - we need to investigate, find us a school!

Christina said...

Such good pictures!!
The conversation with Alex? Too funny...very similar here. :)

Missy Jill said...

I have those conversations all the time! I think they're being reflective when they're really just trying to see up my nose.