Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday hates me.

As of late, it seems that Thursday doesn't like me very much.

If there is a heavy, steady downpour of rain, it seems to come on Thursday.
Library books will be due on Thursday.
Unfortunate appointments of the cervical-cell-scraping-type occur on Thursday.
I will grocery shop and forget things that are necessary on Thursday.
Derek will nap on Thursday.

I know that last one doesn't seem to fit in, but hear me out on this one.
The boy tends to actually fall asleep about one day a week, sometimes less.
More often than not, he sleeps on Thursday. This is likely due to the combination of 1) Being up late for Awanas on Wednesday night, 2) Spending the morning at Mom's Day Out, and 3) Payback to me for when I used to suction his boogers with that scary green bulb syringe.

But why is napping a bad thing?

You see, Thursday is also the day that Alex has dance class. And it is the one day of the week that I have to pick her up from school, to get her to that class on time.
Mother's Day Out is over at 1pm, I have to leave the house at 3pm to pick her up.
Derek goes right down for his nap, talks to himself, plays with his "aminals", and let's face it, probably touches his penis a lot for the next hour.
Then he falls asleep.
Thus, at 3pm when I go to wake him, he is utterly miserable.

It is cold and dreary and, of course, raining cats and dogs today.
I shall have to park in the far away and muddy lot, and carry the disconsolate boy up to the school to pick up his sister, and then trudge back to the van.

This morning I went grocery shopping after my oh-so-fun appointment.
I forgot to buy the three 2-liters of soda that I signed up to bring to the squadron coffee tonight.
The one that I cannot attend because my husband wont be home from work until late.

So after I take Alex to dance class, help her change into her tights and leotard while trying to keep Derek from touching anything in the bathroom, he and I will have to run to a store and get those things. And then beg a friend to take them to the coffee for me, so I can avoid getting the kids in and out of the car one more time.

In the cold rain.

Conclusion: Thursday Hates Me.

The feeling is starting to become mutual.


Erin said...

I have the kids change in the car. They are still young enough (sort of) and no one touches anything gross! (((shudder)))

melicity said...

Sorry you had such an icky day. I hope your Friday is much, much better! :)

Christina said...

Yeah, I'd try to avoid them if I were you.
And Erin's comment made me laugh to myself about changing in the car and not touching anything gross. My car is pretty gross, but at least it's our grossness and not the random public grossness. :)
I hope tomorrow is better. I'm totally with you on the nap thing. It also makes bedtime much later! I like kids who are asleep by 7:30.