Sunday, November 21, 2010

True or False

I have a little quiz for you to keep you up-to-date on our weekend activities. Below I've listed 5 events that may or may not have occurred this weekend. Your job is to figure out which ones are true.

- Josh and Alex had a hot date at the bowling alley
- We called 911 to request a ride for Derek to the ER
- Our whole family walked around on the top of an F-15E
- I booked a cruise to the Bahamas, without my husband
- I got my Thanksgiving shopping list ready to go for tomorrow's trip to the grocery store 

Got your answers all ready?

Here we go...

Josh and Alex had a hot date at the bowling alley.

Only Alex wore a more bowling-appropriate outfit than this lady.
She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. All she had to do was hint that it had been a long time since they'd last had a date, and he was asking her where she wanted to go.
They went this afternoon, and had a nice time together.
Josh claims to have gotten 5 strikes in one game, but that seems suspect considering there was only a 5 year old there to verify it.

We called 911 to request a ride to the ER for Derek.

Sadly, this is also TRUE. On Friday night, he woke up suddenly with a barking cough and stridor. (Stridor is a high pitched sound made when you breathe in, it indicates upper airway obstruction.) He was using neck muscles to try to breathe and he seemed panicky. After a few minutes of trying some interventions at home to see if we could calm it down, we opted for the safer route of calling an ambulance. With his history of anaphylactic-like allergies and reactive airway, we felt that it was warranted.
Erin, M.D. thinks he was having a sudden onset of croup. The PA at the ER wasn't sure if it was that or some type of reactive airway relating to an allergen. However, Derek wasn't barking like a seal anymore by the time he was seen, so she may not have gotten the whole picture.
Thankfully, it cleared up almost as suddenly as it appeared, and we were back home in under 3 hours with a prescription for steroids to keep the inflammation down.
And maybe to give him some bigger muscles.
We have an appointment with a new allergist on Tuesday, so we're hoping to put the pieces together and see if we can manage to avoid further incidents of airway issues.

Our whole family walked around on the top of an F-15E

 Also, TRUE.
On Saturday, we went to a hanger on base for our annual jet photos. We usually just sit in the cockpit, but this year we were able to walk to the back of the jet and sit on one of the engines. It's always a cool thing to me to be on/in or even near the plane that Josh flies.
When we get the pictures back, I'll try to find all of the ones from the past years and post them all together. 

I booked a cruise to the Bahamas, without my husband

Cue the Husband of the Year award music-- this is TRUE!!!!!!
The other day, out of the blue, Josh asked me if I ever thought about just getting on a plane and heading out of town on my own for a little getaway. (He clarified that he did expect me to come back at some point.)
To be honest, I've never really thought about it. But I think I may have dreamed it a time or two.
As tempting as it sounded, I knew that heading off somewhere on my own would be a little lonely. What's a fun trip without someone to share it with?
So I called up my friend Heather, who knows how strange I really am and still wants to be my friend. She's also got a wonderful husband who didn't even blink when she asked him how he'd feel about keeping the kids on his own while we go off on a trip.
Based on our mutual love of lounging around and eating, we chose to go on a 3-night cruise! So excited for this upcoming trip in February!

Last one...
I got my Thanksgiving shopping list ready to go for tomorrow's trip to the grocery store

And here we have the token FALSE.
But I thought it would be a good closer for this post, because I do intend to head to the grocery store tomorrow morning, so I'm off to make my list...

Hope you all had a great weekend that did not involve an ambulance.
Or a skanky outfit at the bowling alley.

How'd you score on the quiz?


Corie said...

I can't get over the part about you NOT asking your sister to go on the cruise with you!!

Heather and Scott said...

Corie, if it makes you feel better, my sister felt the same way! Guess we'll just have to do ANOTHER one someday! :)

Taylor said...

Lucky ducky!

Poor Derek. I hope he feels better soon.

Dana said...

I thought that is why you really invited Nicole over...to pass the shopping list to her :)

Sorry about little Derek. Poor guy!

Oooh, put your booze in a camelback bladder to sneak it on board, and then just pay for the cruise line all-you-can-drink soda cup, and your drinks are soooo much cheaper :)

Missy Jill said...

Wow, only 3 hours. If we'd gone by ambulance it still would have taken 12-24hrs. Yay for socialized medicine.