Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Verdict is In:

Kindergarten is fun and she wants to go back.
It would appear that Alex's first day of school was a success. :)

I managed to hold back the ugly cry when the bus drove away with my baby, but a few tears might have slipped out. I didn't really have time to get too sad, because the bus was early and I was too busy trying to grab my camera.
I missed the chance to get the traditional first-day-of-school picture-- all I got was Josh walking her out to the bus.

They pick her up right in front of our house.

And as soon as the bus drove away, Josh hopped in the car and followed it.
Yes, he did.
He drove behind it all the way to the school and then waited and watched for her to get off the bus and into the building.

Then he left before anyone called the cops reporting some man watching from a distance as kids got off the bus. We're lucky he doesn't still have his molester-stache, or he would certainly have been arrested.

Then the long day started of wondering what she was doing, if she was sad or scared, if she was hungry or cold or tired or pouty. It's such a weird feeling to be without a little person who for so long has depended on you for her every need.

Later I asked her if she had missed me at all during the day and she said, "Mommy I was busy. I forgot you weren't there."
I'm glad for that.

But she could have missed me just a little.

I made sure to bring my camera to pick-up time to make up for the morning picture. (She only rides the bus to school, and I pick her up when she's done.)

Alex reported that her favorite part of the day (prepare yourself for her run-on sentence) was:
"When Mrs. E read the gingerbread man and she put a paper gingerbread man in the play oven and when we came back he wasn't there he ran away but he left a note so we knew where to find him and he had made us a yummy snack!"

These are the details I was able to dig out of her:
She played play-doh
She colored pictures
She "counted the calendar"
She said her letters
They read The Kissing Hand
They made a craft
She ate lunch in a big room with lots of tables
She ate everything but her applesauce
They went to the bathroom "so many times"
She wiped her own poop
She played outside on the monkey bars
She had to lay her head on her desk and rest her eyes after recess
She slept (not true) so can she stay up very late tonight?
Her teacher is nice
The bus was fun
There were "NO seatbelts"
And my personal favorite:
"We got to play whatever we wanted for a little while. It's called sexual time."

I think she might mean section time, but I can't be certain.
The only thing I'm certain of is that it's surely not called sexual time.
Or else we're homeschooling.

For me, the day felt really long. And quiet.
And I had this weird guilty feeling that I was pawning my kid off on someone else and that I should ask how much I owed them at the school when I picked her up.

And did I mention it was quiet?

Not only was Alex's never-ending talking gone, but so was the bickering between her and Derek, as well as the sound of my voice constantly running interference.
It's definitely going to take some getting used to.

But she loves it, and I have to admit...the quiet?
It's kind of nice.


Jennifer said...

Yea!! I'm glad that it was a success! I was never worried about Alex... You, on the other hand.... ;) I would recommend clarifying that "sexual time" though. You are in North Carolina... Ha ha ha!! :)

Karen said...

I laugh every time you mention the "molester-stache!"

Heather and Scott said...

SOOOOO glad she had a good first day! What a big girl! And you too for not being too sad :)

Christina said...

Very similar days around here. :)
And "sexual time"? Priceless.

Mrs. J said...

awe. this put a huge smile on my face! it is SOOOOOOO quiet. Last year Seth and I never fought over video games, or legos or lunch ... sometimes I wanted to just to bring the noise level up a notch ... I am NOT looking forward to the total silence this year! I may have to have the T.V. on contanstly just to make me think they are here! UGH!

I BEYOND LOVE that Josh followed the school bus! That is awesome. Something you should write down in her memory book!

So glad she had fun!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

So glad she had a great first day! Sounds like fun. I had a total breakdown after dropping the twins off...so proud of you! The quiet definitely takes getting used to. We've been in school for 3 weeks and still I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself.

Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by...you haven't missed too much. :)

Teresa Dawn said...

LOL about the "sexual time". Glad she's enjoying school so much!

Taylor said...

hahaha! sexual time. classic!

Glad she had a fun time! And glad you made it through the day :)

trooppetrie said...

I put a friends daughter on the school bus the first day of school and I cried. I thought my goodness it is not even my daughter