Monday, August 30, 2010


This weekend we went to a spray park in a nearby town. 

We are nothing if not exciting and adventurous people, don't you think?

It's either that, or we're just trying to cram in all the fun before the TDY season begins. 
(TDY= Temporary Duty= Daddy gone= Mama goes crazy)

I love taking pictures at spray parks. I find that they make for fun photos. 

Why, yes. That is my daughter wearing goggles at the spray park.

She's an odd duck.

This is Derek's buddy Brady.

I loved these shots of him under the water.
And do I really need to tell you who this cutie is?

Baby Brooke is a big fan of our family. She repeats Josh & Derek's names all the time. It's kinda funny.

Here is Alex having fun:                                              

And here she is being talked to about the meltdown she had at the SPLASH PAD when some kid had the nerve to SPLASH her.
Oh, the drama.

Here's my baby getting all soaked.
Such a tiny infant baby he is.

Not even that much older than the actual tiny, infant baby Jenna (who is Brady's little sister).

Are those pouty lips sweet, or what?

It kind of made me want to grab my man and just make another one.

And then I came to my senses.

After all, I looked around and couldn't even find Josh.

Has anyone seen my husband?

There he is.

I kind of like that picture.

Almost as much as a flight suit picture.

I may need to rethink that baby-making thing...

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures!! Looks like NC is a fun place! :)