Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My cup runneth over

I have three days left to enjoy my two year old.
Then I plan to start enjoying my three year old.
Because Derek is nothing if not enjoyable.

His face is still plump and squishy. And he loves to cuddle as much as he ever has.
He gives me unsolicited kisses throughout the day, and frequently comes up to say "I love you."
He melts my heart.

He also keeps a record of all wrongdoings and rehashes them at every tender moment.
Today in the pool, he paddled up to me, kissed my mouth, and said:
"I love you Mommy. And I love Daddy. And I love God."
Then he furrowed his little brow and said:
"Mommy, you splash me. And Daddy said I lose."

Yes, once I splashed him at the pool.
Yes, it was on purpose.
Yes, it was a little mean.
But I did apologize, and it was a couple of weeks ago.
He can't move on.

And Josh did tell him he lost a card game. Because he had. (He was my partner in Old Maid. When you've got the Maid, you've got the Maid. There's not much arguing about it.)

Once when I was putting him to bed, I accidentally turned his light on as I left the room. It was just out of habit that I hit the switch when I walked out of the room; I didn't realize it was already off at the time.
So a few minutes later, he calls me back to his room to complain that his light was on.
Now every night he feels the need to remind me: "Mama, this time make sure you turn my light off."

If you tell him no to something, he says "Dat hurts my feewings" in the most pathetic voice he can muster.

He's a funny little guy.

And I'm so very glad he's mine.

And this little thing?

She's leaving me soon.
And she's so darn excited about it.
Yesterday I got a paper in the mail assigning her to a kindergarten teacher and talking about the open house next week.
Soon we will enter a new phase of being parents to a school-aged child.
As much as I want to hold her back, it is such a neat experience to see her growing up. And I don't want to take any of it for granted.

Tomorrow I have to go drop off her registration at the ballet studio. I just cannot wait to see her in her leotard and ballet shoes.
My sweet princess.

I am so thankful to God for our blessings. There are moments when my heart simply overflows with love for them.

It's just that sometimes I wish I could bottle it up, and dispense as needed.

New Prescription: Mutli-Dose vial of the love you feel for your children while they are sleeping. Take as needed throughout the day when affection levels dip.
Take two doses when standing in line with children at the post office, or attempting to make a phone call while they are awake.


Erin said...

Ha! I'll take an extra-strength version: for use when homeschooling two school aged children, keeping a toddler from distracting those said children, and keeping a baby from eating anything noxious while attending to above.

Joyce said...

Kindergarten is my absolute favorite age...have fun!

Taylor said...

I was pondering how fast my kids are growing up on my drive home this evening. It's crazy. It seems like just yesterday when I took my oldest to her first day of kindergarten. Time flies.

Christina said...

Ah, we are losing our two-year-olds at about the same time. It is a hard one. In fact, I think that it's not really possible, except for the date of her birth...I just can't get around that.

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

I feel your pain. My sweet twins started kindergarten yesterday. It's all so bittersweet. I lost both of mine on the same day. Hold on to Derek and enjoy those hugs and snuggles!