Monday, August 23, 2010

The beach was totally double rainbow

Yes, he's been at it again.

Josh has been you-tube-ing.
And now none of us can stop singing the dang double rainbow song.

Have you heard of this nonsense? Some guy posts a video of himself on you-tube filming a big rainbow.
A double rainbow, no less.
He is so excited about the rainbow that it sounds like he's...
how do I put it?...

Let's just say he's really, really excited about the rainbow.
Moved to tears, no less.

Then some other crafty online folks take his video, synthesize his voice, and make a "Double Rainbow Song" out of it.

Don't listen. It's from the devil. It will get stuck in your head.
But I'll link you there anyway, just because I've given you fair warning.

Here is the original video.
And the song.

But don't do it.

Because as soon as you get it out of your head, your husband will manage to put it right back there. Like this e-mail I just got from him.

Also, Our Disney trip is now during {yadda yadda I never know what is sensitive 
info}, but {whosie whatsie} is fine with us taking the leave.  Double rainbow 
all the way!

And now it's back in my head again. He's so sneaky.
So I'm just going to embrace it.

We went to the beach on Saturday.
It was totally double rainbow.
All the way.

Well except for when I annoyed Josh by failing to realize that we had no gas in the van.
Down side: We had to stop for gas, delaying us a bit.
Up side: I got out of pumping gas. It's hot around here.

My hero:

But after that, the day was totally double rainbow.

The kids had a blast.

It was Derek's first trip to the ocean and he's still talking about the "big waves."

And Alex? Well it took everything I could do to pull her away from the water just to force her to take drinks now and then or get some more sunscreen.
She was in heaven.

And because I am constantly harassed for not being in any pictures, I will go ahead and post this.

But only after adding a lovely white heart to the picture, because you could see a little too much cleavage from that angle.
And not the good kind of cleavage either.
The kind that needs a more supportive bathing suit top and has been abused by 26 months of breastfeeding.
That kind.

You're welcome for the heart.

Hope your Monday is DR...all the way!


Erin said...

Very cute pictures. You guys look like you are having a lot of fun in your new "home."

And you took a great picture with your little munchkin. Although, I just bought a swimsuit and I have to add that they cut women's swimsuit super low recently. And I have 43 months of breastfeeding down (with a few more to go). You are lucky you got away with 26 months. I mean, you are practically perky compared to - ok this is leading nowhere.

Great beach shots!

Jennifer said...

I thought that heart was part of your bathing suit ;)

I'll let you in on a little secret -- Know that bonus money that is heading your way soon? Some associate that money with "Bonus Boobs". Naturally I had never heard of this when that money headed our way... So we have "Bonus vehicle that Jennifer is not allowed to drive".

Langford Family said...

Oh Lord, your husband needs a new hobby! Great pics, though.

Heather and Scott said...

Love the suit -- it looks great on you! Glad you kept it. I opted not to click on the link because I don't need one more annoying song in my head. I have plenty of those floating around on my own.

Taylor said...

Where do you find these videos?!? :) That guy was hilarious! He is surely enjoying God's creation. :)

Take heart, I'm Erin!
At least you need a heart.

And what's with the "hi, taylor" comments?!?

Are you upset with me? Did I offend you? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to post the video of Cole doing the double rainbow voice on facebook, it is soooo funny. Much like you. Love ya,

Jen McD said...

Ok, listened to double rainbow guy a couple times now and the more I hear it, it sure does sound like Josh. The laugh - total give away! I'm convinced.

Ps, you're kids are really cute and happy at the beach!!

Teresa Dawn said...

Love the pictures!!!! (And the blog title haha, I had seen that video before)

Anonymous said...

Tell Josh that my 15 year-old high school sophomore thinks those videos are the most hilarious things ever, and made me watch them tonight. I have to admit I laughed until I cried. I teach middle school, hence the juvenile sense of humor. What is Josh's excuse? ;-)


I'm Erin. said...

Sally, he's a fighter pilot! You'll never meet a larger group of men responsible for expensive equipment and yet as mature as high schoolers.