Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday. Yes, again.

I know. It's like Tuesday comes around with a vengeance never seen by Friday.
Or any day you might be looking forward to. 

But not Fat Tuesday.
It taunts me and harasses me into sharing shameful facts about my week.

Like the ice cream cake for Derek's birthday.
It was from Cold Stone people. You can't say no to Cold Stone.

And the pizza.
It was pizza people. You can't say no to pizza.


But the week wasn't entirely shameful. As I mentioned, last Tuesday I joined the gym. This week I worked out 4 times. It would have been 5, but Alex's chin incident interrupted my week's plans.

And did I lose weight?
You betcha!

I lost FIVE WHOLE ounces.
What, did you think I was going to say pounds?
I knew I was going to run into a little trouble with the scale this week, because it had been awhile since I'd been in the gym. As is to be expected, I tend to gain a little weight when I start working out. The good news is that it should be muscle and not fat.
So overall, despite my weekend indulgences, I am happy that my weight didn't go up. And more importantly, my muffin top is a little less...puffy...than last week.
If I have to choose, I would rather see results in the mirror than on the scale.

But really, I want both.

Greedy much?

I'm still a fan of the type of food I'm eating on ColorFUEL, and I'm ready to buy another set of recipes this week.

Each Fat Tuesday I'll try to post either a recipe or a healthy substitute for some basic pantry items. Today:

Sandwich Thins
Have you met these things yet?
If not, allow me to introduce you.

Bloggy Friend, This is a Sandwich thin:

Sandwich Thin, meet Bloggy Friend.

These are great for sandwiches & burgers. The whole wheat variety has 5 grams of fiber, and can turn a burger into a healthier choice.

I was surprised to find that one of my ColorFUEL recipes is for smothered cheeseburgers. What's healthy about that?
Well, the amount of lean ground beef used is quite small, but you don't really notice because it's loaded with tomato, spinach, and sauteed bell peppers. Top it with a small amount of swiss cheese, and it's really yummy!

But I think the most important step is to eat it, without the fries or chips, and then step away from the plate.
I don't feel full, but I do feel satisfied. And I know that by the time I feel hungry again, it will be time for my next meal or snack.

I totally sound like an infomercial, don't I?

Here's to a week with less cheating, lots of gym time, and Fat Tuesdays to keep me on track!

And for the love of all that is good, would someone please come and finish off this ice cream cake before I can restrain myself no more?!?!


Joyce said...

I am a fan of the sandwich thin. I did have a dietician tell me to go for the low calorie, multigrain bread too...I have a 45 calorie one so 90 for a sandwich and it tastes good.

Also, I have gotten to the place where I toss left over dessert. Criminal I know but I also know myself. I enjoy it on the occasion without any guilt and try my best to give left overs away to guests...otherwise it goes in the trash or I will eat the remains before I realize what I've done.

Taylor said...

I love the sandwich thins. They are a super good deal if you buy them at Costco and you can freeze the extra packs if needed.

There are some desserts that must be consumed.
For example, a waffle cone filled with Moose Tracks ice cream at our favorite stop after floating the river-that will always be worked into my life, my friend.

But do I need a bowl of ice cream every night at 9:30pm.

I suppose not.

Erin said...

Ok, I want to join too. But, I can't seriously diet until I'm done nursing. And that won't be for 4 more months. Right after all the Christmas cookies. How do they work those into to color chart?

I'm Erin. said...

Erin, I think you would be able to do it, since it's not really a diet-- just a healthier way to eat.
They personalize it for you based on your activity level. I think they would be able to tweak it for nursing as well.

Jennifer said...

Where's my comment that I left the other day about my Flat Out Wraps? Perhaps you deleted it because you realized what an idiot I was to think they are only 90 calories! They are 540 calories!! 6 servings! No wonder I'm not losing any weight!! :)

I'm Erin. said...

I don't know Jennifer, I didn't see a comment about Flatout bread.
Maybe you left it on someone else's blog?
;) You are getting older, you know.

I think you were right though-- I thought flatout bread was less than 100 cals for the "lite" kind??
I've had it before. Yum!