Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day Off

Taylor over at Fat Tuesday headquarters is taking the day off.

And since I use any excuse to be an underachiever, I'm taking the day off too.

I'm tired and I have the munchies.

Remember yesterday when I made a fuss that my youngest spawn was nothing more than a sweet, innocent infant?
Well, he was up twice in the night for no apparent reason and it reminded me that he is indeed not an infant, and he should not be waking up in the night.
And the bleary-eyed stumbling through the house reminded me that I really don't want an infant, after all.

So there.

In other news:  My e-mail account, for the second time in the past several weeks, sent out spam messages to various people on my contact list.
This prompted a change of password which has turned my world as I know it upside down. I'd been using that password since 2002, back when I had no less cellulite and thought that 3 hour naps on Sunday afternoons would always be a part of my life.
My how times have changed.

Then I was told that I should clear out my inbox as well to help with the whole spamming issue.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you know how many e-mail messages were in my inbox?

Let me tell you.
You're not going to believe me.

Here it goes:


Yes, that was six thousand four hundred and twelve. 

I just kept thinking that "I might need that one down the road..."

Somebody stage an intervention. I should be on that show Hoarders. Internet edition. 
You'll be glad to know that I deleted everything from 2002-2008. I'm working on the rest. 
Baby steps, people. 
Baby steps. 

And now I shall take myself, my children, and my hairy legs to the swimming pool and hope that I don't run into anyone I know. 

Goodbye forever. 
Or until I blog again.

Hungry and Hairy in North Carolina


Kelli said...

I suck at Fat Tuesday, too.
Here's hoping next week is a better one!

And good job on deleting those messages... I am the exact opposite- I throw everything out, and then get mad when I can't find it later!

Teresa Dawn said...

I never have emails. I read and delete as they come in haha. My inbox has usually 1 or 2 at the most. My brother on the other hand must have over 100,000 in his (not exaggerating)...

Jennifer said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! You're BAD!! Thanks for making me feel so much better :) I have less than 1,000 :)

Mrs. J said...

haha. I thought I was bad with 500 emails! I think the same thing, "i am gonna need this one day" and you know, it has worked...a few times...so it keeps my email hoarding thriving!

Heather and Scott said...

I'm all about hoarding my emails...and anything else I deem "possibly usable in the future". But 6,000?? You needed someone to call you out on that...and make fun of you, I mean encourage you to delete them. All about the intervention, my friend. How's school going for the big girl?

Reeve said...

Oh you are so funny and adorable! I love reading this blog :)
And don't worry, people are hairy (and I'm always hungry) over in Minnesota, too. :)

Christina said...

Hey! I'm hungry and hairy in Texas...we always have so much in common. I once wrote that you know you're a mom when you go to the pool without shaving. And when you go to the pool without shaving and no one notices. That could be a good thing, I guess. haha