Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the Road Again

This edition of blogityness is coming to you from a hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee.
Specifically, from a double bed where Josh and I are laying side by side in a room lit only by the screens of our two laptops. 
God bless traveling with children.
They just make everything an adventure, don't they?

So we are back on the trail heading toward North Carolina. We left our friends' home in Wichita Falls, Texas this morning, and made it about 560 miles before calling it a day.

What was that?
You want to know if my children slept in the van today?

You're funny.

Stinkin' hilarious.

Of course they didn't. That would be too...normal.

But they have done a great job overall with all of the traveling, so I'll try to keep my complaining to a minimum. Which basically means that I will complain at least once every post.
Or more often as I deem it necessary.

Our time in Texas with the Campbells was so much fun, and a much appreciated break from all of the driving. We share a mutual love of laziness, so we spent most of our time together in our pajamas.
We all just relaxed, hung out, and let the kids run wild.

We may have even fostered a future love connection between Derek and Katelyn, so we made sure to take bathtub pictures to use for a wedding day slideshow.
Just in case.

Heather and I snuck away several times to go shopping. For some reason, we turn into 13 year olds when we shop together.

(Side note: I was reintroduce to my old friend, Humidity. He's a mean old friend who makes my hair look like crap. Note to Humidity: I don't need any help with that. It mostly happens on it's own.
PS- I need a haircut.)

But it turns out that we are, indeed, not thirteen years old.
We now know that because when we get into laughing fits in the dressing rooms we almost pee our pants.
Mom bladders. You know.

Also, the reason we laugh?
Mom bodies.
Not actually that funny.

Especially when you're trying on a bathing suit that looks really cute on the hangar, but when donned makes you closely resemble a hippopotamous.
Wearing a tutu.

It wasn't pretty.

But really, we know how to live it up. We may be in our thirties, but we live on the edge.
Our last night in town?
Oh yes we did:

We stayed up til 10:30 at night sipping maragritas and playing Trivial Persuit: Disney Edition.
Rebels I tell you.

We got to catch up with many of our friends while we were there.
Here you have the McDaniel-Thomas-Schore spawn reunited:

We gave up on taking a good group photo of children.
 If you can see most of their faces, it's a success.

Oh! And one last note before we head off to fight over space in the double bed.
Derek slept in a a toddler bed the whole time.
He's used to being in a crib or pack-n-pay, but he's really too big for that now. So we used our friends' toddler-sized aero bed and he did a great job. So that should make his transistion to a big-boy bed in North Carolina easy.

Here is (most) of Derek sleeping in the toddler bed.

He just needs a little more practice in not trying to kill himself in his sleep.
Who needs to breathe anyway?

Goodnight to Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Tomorrow we'll be in North Carolina!


Grandma said...

My plane gets in at 12:30 on Thursday.

Grandma said...

My plane gets in at 12:30 on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I have been in humid areas too and experienced bad hair. I have decided I could never live anywhere where there was excessive humidity. For then my husband would leave me. :)

Joyce said...

Safe travels...I fear you will have an issue with what is known as southern humidity...it is at least three seasons long!

Jen McD said...

Sad to see you leave, but grateful for the visit! Safe travels. Hurry and unpack. I must visit you and that Coach Outlet in Smithfield!

Erin said...

Almost there! Love the big boy bed pic.

Teresa Dawn said...

Cute pictures :) Have a safe trip

Dressed-Up Dots said...

ohhhhh....mountain home just FEELS different without you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, weary traveller! FYI: You won an award on my blog this week. Thought that might make your skirt fly up.
Later, dude.

Heather and Scott said...

I must say, I thought trying on dresses from the 90s was the hit of our last night together. I will donate them...someday. (Although Scott said we looked good in them! Velvet, baby, velvet.)