Friday, July 9, 2010

I'd rather be without plumbing...

...than without internet.

We're here!
Sleeping on the floor!
And without Internet!

We arrived safely and more or less sanely yesterday afternoon. Our household goods should be arriving tommorrow, so the next few days will be busy with unpacking and getting settled. We're adjusting to the high temperature and so happy for the community pool that is just a couple of houses down from us!

We are,however kicking ourselves for not calling ahead to have Internet service set up for the day we arrived. We called yesterday and were told that next Wednesday was the soonest they could come out to connect us. So this ole blog will be a little quiet for awhile. But do not fear-- we picked up Pat the Bunny yesterday at the airport on our way through Raleigh, and I will be sure to jot down all of the assinine things she does between now and Wednesday so you won't miss anything.
Just this afternoon, for instance, she was sitting on the side of the pool still wearing her shorts and cover-up when she decided she should get in to play with the kids and neglected to actually remember to remove those items first.
You should fear for the future of our nation, for her job is to educate children.

Sorry I can't share more about our journey with you now, but I am pecking this out on Ptb's iPhone, and I just can't take how brutally slow and painful it is to type on this "keyboard" with what must be fatter than average fingers. Because I've seen people type quickly on these, and I'm not sure how they do it.

Signing off,
out of touch in NC.

Ps tell facebook I said hello. And pioneer woman. And all of my favorite blogs I miss so much. And whatever else it is I do online that takes up all of the hours in my day.
I miss you inter-world.
I miss you.


Laurel said...

come over and use our wifi! 209 Maplewood.

Jaime said...

i agree. I would much rather live without running water than to not have the www...

trooppetrie said...

hey what part of NC are you in. we are close to bragg. I agree i can do about anything but be without internet

Corie said...

I will take the plumbing! Glad you made it :)

thelumberjackswife said...

Glad you arrived safely!