Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet & Sour

Sweet: Alex dressed and ready for gymnastics class

Sour: Her attitude this morning. She cried buckets of tears over how:
1) her brother was playing too rough with her
2) the way I did her hair was totally unacceptable, and
3) She was not hungry and I was making her tummy hurt by forcing her to eat those last 3 grapes.

Sweet: These pictures of Derek that I just took when I checked in on him napping

Sour: The smell emanating from his room, which was the reason I went in to check him in the first place. Who takes a poop and then falls asleep in it? So I was forced to make a decision in a classic mommy dilemma.
Do I just let him sleep, hope he doesn't wake up early because of the dirty diaper, and deal with the possible diaper rash after nap?

Or do I risk ruining naptime by waking him to change his pants?

I opted for the latter and managed to change him right in his crib. He only woke for a second to say "pooh-pooh" and then drifted back to sleep. Success!

Sweet: Daddy should be coming home tomorrow night!

Sour: The closet cleaning project I planned to accomplish in his absence is not exactly finished. And by that I mean that I spent a total of 14 minutes cleaning my closet in the last 11 days.

Maybe I should go work on that now...


Hungry for Chinese food in Idaho

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NF - C&T said...

Erin - where can I find some of those cool leggins for myself?! ha ha...I'm laughing just thinking about it!