Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sad Sight

There is something about being a male with the last name Schore that makes said creatures especially pathetic when ill. One such person, who shall remain nameless Josh, has been known to moan out loud throughout the night when hit with an especially tough hangnail cold. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because the little man is sick right now, and he is a sad sight indeed.

He's had a little cold for a week or so, but the last couple of days he's been much crankier. Then last night he developed a fever and the utter inability to stay asleep for more than 45 minutes in a row. I felt like I had a newborn again, and I renewed my decision to be done procreating.

But then I remembered the extra 500 calories a day you need to ingest when nursing, and I wasn't so sure.

Anyway, Derek already had an appointment scheduled with his GI doctor in Boise today, and while we were there she discovered a pretty bad infection in one ear. I felt bad for the little guy, but was relieved that it wasn't the flu. Me no like puke.

This poor kid is a mess. About 45 minutes before his next dose of Motrin is due, the fever starts creeping back up and the goosebumpy, teeth chattering, lip pouting sadness ensues. Oh, and I don't have any medicine to make him feel better!

Why, you ask?

I'll try to be concise as I tell you why...

Boise doctor: "I'll fax your prescription to the base pharmacy for you."
Me: "Great!"
Base Pharmacy: "We don't accept faxed prescriptions and we didn't receive anything."
Me: "Not Great!"
Derek: *wail* *fever* *sadness*
Pharmacy: "Can't help you."
Me: *begs peds clinic nurse to enter prescription*
1.5 hours later, leave base with Auralgan drops for pain relief
gets home, realize that while the label says Auralgan, box does not contain that. It contains earwax removal drops. Not helpful.
Me: "Oh, pharmacy? I have strong feelings of dislike for you. And I can't get back to the base today."
Pharmacy (on phone): "Uh, oops."
Me: *preparing for another long night*

Bottom line: Wasted 2 hours of my long day dragging sick baby around base hospital while accomplishing nothing. (In case you were wondering, I did get antibiotics for him, but his GI doctor wants to give him another 24 hours before starting them to see if the infection will clear up on it's own. His allergy history makes us more cautious using antibiotics with him.)

The silver lining:
Derek is now in the 75% for height and 50% for weight! Earlier this year his weight was below the 10th percentile-- good growing baby! I guess the liquid gold is worth it after all.
Of course that's easy for me to say, since I don't pay for it.

Well, I foresee another night of 4 hours of sleep in divided doses, so I'm off to hit the pillow early tonight. Wish us luck...

Nocturnally Challenged in Mountain Home


Sunk Costs said...

: ( Poor sweet thing.

And the kid must be having a rough time too.

(I think most all men get like that when they're sick, the pitiful lot)

Jennifer said...

Oh no Erin! Sorry that D is sick... Not fun at all! Sounds like the pharmacy needs to have an incident report written up! Hope all gets better very soon :)

Erin said...

I agree Jennifer, and I'm just the woman to do it! ;)

Jen McD said...

Let me tell ya, sitting and waiting at the base pharmacy is a horrible experience. Next time just have the dr. call it into Wal-Mart. $3 and your home in less than 30 minutes. I hope Derek feels better soon.

ps - imagine all the goodies you can eat for 500 calories ;-)

Heather and Scott said...

And people want the government to run their health care?? Do they know what they are asking for? :) I hope Derek feels better!! And Mommy gets some sleep!

Jamie said...


I hope little man feels better soon!

Also, thank you for giving me some great laugh out loud moments as I caught up on your blog tonight! You. Crack. Me. Up. :) Seriously, I can relate to your life on so many levels!! Thanks for the smiles and laughs!!