Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well I'm finally digging out from under the laundry piles, and we're getting back into a normal routine. Which is nice, since we've been busily out of routine with 2 weeks in Michigan, a weekend in Yellowstone, and school starting up.

Our days now are pleasantly filled until about 5 in the evening, when they become more unpleasantly filled with boisterous play, some whining, and plenty of drama.

And because you naturally must want to know about every detail of our very important lives, I will lay it all out for you. Here is a typical weekday in the Schore home...

8:45: Take Alex to preschool, have to drag Derek away from the playground.

9-10: Take abuse from aerobics/kickboxing instructor in order to free my mid-section from stubborn muffin top.

10-10:20: Lay around gym pretending to stretch. Enjoy kid-free moments. Think about how hungry my workout made me. Contemplate a mid-morning snack that will undo all the effort I just expended.

10:30: Head home to squeeze in some productive time. Intend to clean up, get lost online instead. Appreciate that Derek entertains himself nicely doing...well, whatever it is that boys do.

11:45: Leave to pick up Alex.

12:00: Feed children, play with children

1:30: Naptime & Quiet time-- yea! Set timer to force myself to do at least 20 minutes of cleaning. Think about showering. Instead sit in front of TV to eat lunch. Look up at the clock and realize kids will be up soon. Wonder how that happened.

4: Kids up, snack, wonder what I would do with my children if I live in a town that had more than a Walmart. Go outside if it is the 3 weeks out of the year that is not too hot or too cold to be outside.

5-7: Make dinner, feed children, try to keep them entertained, answer the same questions over and over. The answer is usually "no." Wonder if I'm losing brain cells. Clean up the same toys over and over.

7: Baths, try to keep more water inside the tub than out. Try to remember who's turn it is to sit in the front. Wonder why it is such a privilege to sit there.

7:30: Put children to bed

8: Josh comes home to an un-showered wife & a cold dinner. On good days, appreciate the sacrifices he makes for us. On other days, wonder what it's like to have 2 parents home in the evenings.

And you know what?

I wouldn't change it.

I love our simple days.

I love these crazy kids.

And I love their crazy daddy too.

ps- don't worry, sometime between 8 & bedtime I do sneak a shower in!


Jen McD said...

You make me laugh.

Brad just said he wants to go there and jump in the crib too.

Heather and Scott said...

You Schore's and your showers. I'm surprised you don't take two a day. Loved hearing about your day. Sounds a lot like mine :)

Rachel said...

Sounds a lot like our days around here. Darn that Internet black hole vortex thingie...sucking our will to shower away from us though.

Happy Mommy said...

Hey, I just did a post like this too. I can't tell when you put yours up. Great minds must think alike.....or just busy, tired mommy minds ;)