Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soccer is a 4-letter word

I signed Alex up for soccer this season. I love seeing those tiny kids in their itty-bitty shin guards running like a herd after the ball. This is the first season she's been old enough to play, and the practices & games are about a 3 minute walk from our front door.

Perfect, right?

Well, not quite.

Observe the first obstacle:

That is Alex at her happiest. Wearing a dress and contemplating her accessories. I hate to label her at age 4 as someone who will never enjoy athletics, but unless there are sports that emphasize girly outfits and cute hairdo's over actual sweating, I'm thinking that she may not be cut out for them. She has a deep dislike for wearing shorts.

Cheerleading might be right up her alley.

Soccer, not so much.

Here she is looking less-than-thrilled to be at practice, despite being allowed to wear a skirt.

At least one of my munchkins was enjoying running around in the grass that day.

Things didn't improve at her first game yesterday. Alex came into contact with the ball ONE time during the entire game, and that was totally accidental.

She spent a lot of time pestering the goalie on her team

And when that got old, she moved on to playing inside the actual goal itself.

I think these next two pictures say it best...

Alex is playing defense* and the ball is coming toward her.

*term used loosely
And here, the ball has already been kicked past her, the mob is running toward it...

...and she hasn't moved a muscle. Didn't even turn her head.

Sigh. It's going to be a loooooooong soccer season.

Well, as long as a 4-game season can be.

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Jen McD said...

She's is really cute. So not everyone is a soccer player, but I think the practice skirt is a good trend. What about tennis, golf with the skorts? I think the newest fad in running is with a little skirt thing...

You know what's right up her alley... DANCE!!! She even gets to wear makeup before an appropriate age.

If that doesn't work, your destined to become a pageant mom