Friday, September 11, 2009

I Love a Good Deal

Hey folks, another public service announcement for you...
Restaurant.com is having a 90% off sale, that ends on the 13th. When you check out enter "ninety" in the discount code box to get the deal.
They are a website that sells gift certificates to restaurants in your area.
Here's an example:

Tonight I bought a $25.00 gift certificate to Johnny Carino's in Boise. I paid $1.oo for it. Before you go hog wild on their website, realize that there are stipulations that come with the certificates. The rules are different for each restaurant & certificate value.
For the one I bought, we have to spend a minimum of $48, and add an 18% gratuity to the pre-discounted value.
So let's say we go and spend $50 on dinner. Our total bill + gratuity will be $59. Using our gift certificate, we'll only pay $34.00 plus the dollar I spent on the website, and we'll enjoy splurging on appetizers & desserts guilt-free.
So if you're interested head on over there and then go on a date!

Hey Josh will you take me out? I'll buy! With our joint checking account to which I do not contribute actual money, however the value of my services at home is immeasurable. Right Honey?

Oh, and lest I forget what this blog is all about, here is a clip of the princess before stool today. Josh is away on a trip, and when he is far removed he claims to miss these creatures.

Do I really sound like that? I don't think I have a cold, but that sounded really stuffy and...manly. Hmmmm.

Signing off,

Aaron in Idaho


Jen McD said...

"pick up that dress and show everybody your great legs?"

Oh, Erin! You make me laugh.

js said...

If only babysitters didn't require that "actual money" you talk about. . .