Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last Friday as I was driving in my unofficial non-Toyota swagger wagon, there was a tornado warning issued for some nearby areas.
This is the first time since we've been in Idaho that I'd heard any mention of a tornado.

In Mountain Home we only got some light rain, so I thought we had avoided the storm.

It turns out that the tornado had stealthily slipped into my house through an open window, wreaked it's havoc, and left a disaster behind.
I have a confession--

I live here:

Here in the house with everything taken down of the walls. Curtains removed, and chaos reigning.
I never realized just how white the walls were until all of the pictures and decorations came down.

This place could use some paint.

Which reminds me that the bedrooms still look like this:

With the beds floating in the middle of the rooms and all of the furniture pulled away from the walls.

Plastic and painters tape in a jumble on the floor.

Grocery bags in the kitchen. (A girl can only eat so many meals from the freezer and pantry before you really need something fresh, you know.)

Yes, those Hint of Lime Tostitos count as something fresh.

This is my dining room table. 

Care to guess how many family dinners have been taking place here lately?

Alex has been decorating purses. It's a cute little cut-out book she got from her Aunt & Uncle for her birthday.

Dear Aunt Jessie and Uncle John, 
Alex loves the purse making kit you got for her. 
And I love it too. 
Except for all of the teeny tiny little decorations that she has trailed throughout my obviously tidy home. I will remember this when you procreate. 

Brace yourselves folks, it's about to get worse.
This is my kitchen countertop:

And yes, that is an empty bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos. Why else would I have needed a new bag?

There is a sandwich board in my entryway.

And I think I may be the first person ever to fail in an attempt to make Jello Jigglers.

Can I tell you how I feel right now as I look around this house?
Typing away instead of addressing the problem?

I feel like this oversized bunny.

Who has obviously given up on life, but did not have the decency to give up on life somewhere out of the way.
Nope. Right in the family room, with it's cottony tail sticking up in the air.

So the tornado did indeed touch down in Mountain Home.
Let us hope that I can get the damage under control soon.
Lest I perish in the mess.
And no one would be able to find me.


I would say that I'm off to clean up, but that would be a lie.
I'm off clear a path to the kitchen so I can feed my offspring before Alex's t-ball game.
On my 9-year anniversary.
Of which my husband and I almost completely forgot about.
Because we are busy.
And in all likelihood cannot locate the calendar.

Goodbye again.


Jennifer said...

Umm... Good thing you guys have renters lined up! No chance of showing your house tonight -- he he he!! :)

Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! And sorry about the purses. I got that awhile ago and thought I would wait until I was there to help contain the mess. But when we ran out of time at PTB's last August and at Christmas I gave up on that idea.

thelumberjackswife said...

Ha! You make me laugh! Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds, you!

Jaime said...

love this post.

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary!
You are a real woman! And, you know I know about a real house...that is messy! I love it. And now I want Hint of Lime Tostitos. I haven't had those in years and years.

Heather and Scott said...

You'll feel right at home here :) And you have this GREAT excuse called "moving in 2 weeks". And the amazing thing? Those packers will pack Everything up, including any trash. Beware.