Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disconnected and it feels so...


A terrible thing happened at my house yesterday:

My internet service was disconnected.

I feel so empty.
So void of purpose.

Other than the purpose of keeping children alive, dealing with packers and movers, and cleaning the house. But those things aren't nearly as entertaining as my beloved laptop.

Our house is half-boxed. Everything will be picked up and taken away tomorrow.
Our road trip begins on Saturday morning.

Wish us luck! I'll post again from our first hotel stop.

Out of touch in Idaho


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Safe travels! Post again soon!

Jaime said...

safe travels!

Teresa Dawn said...

Have a good safe trip. I know the feeling, I hate not having the internet, but after a day or two I get used to it pretty fast haha

Jamie said...

Safe travels, friend! I'm sorry we didn't make the fini-flight... You will be missed tremendously! So glad you've got this here blog to keep in touch and keep me laughing!!! :):) Enjoy the journey!